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Saudi destroys armed drone boat; claims of foiling major plot to destabilize oil trade

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has claimed it foiled a deadly terrorist attack on Yanbu port in the Red Sea. The assailants had planned to ram the drone boat laden with explosives on the port. The plot aimed to destabilize the Saudi oil trade in the region. However, the Saudis announced thwarting the plot by intercepting and destroying the boat. If the attackers had succeeded, it would have caused an uproar in the Middle East. Therefore, a major accident is said to have been averted.  

The incident took place between two ports in western Saudi Arabia, Yanbu and Rabigh. On Tuesday morning, a remote-controlled and explosives-laden large vessel was travelling dangerously towards Yanbu port. At this time, oil tankers were present in the harbour. Thus, the strike was launched after considering the oil transit and security of other ships, spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen Colonel Turki al-Maliki said.  

Details of the country or organization to which the ship used in the attack belonged have not been disclosed. Saudi has refrained from accusing anyone. The Houthi rebels in Yemen, who usually claim responsibility for the attacks in the Red Sea, have also not done so 


The Red Sea and the Persian Gulf have become susceptible areas over the past few weeks. Also, attacks on foreign ships have increased in this region, which connects Europe to Asia. A few days ago, a US daily had claimed the shadow war between Israel and Iran had also intensified in the area.  

Only last month, the world witnessed how a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal blocked the cargo transit route. So had the recent plot been successful, the whole world would have felt its blows. 

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