Israel announces it will continue striking Syria after Iran’s threats; Iranian commander killed in attacks on Syria  

Israel announces it will continue striking Syria after Iran’s threats; Iranian commander killed in attacks on Syria  

Tel Aviv: Iran is threatening to destroy the Israeli city of Haifa to seek revenge for the killing of its nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Nevertheless, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) chief Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi declared that Israel is the least bothered with the threats and would continue striking Iranian locations in Syria in future as well. Within only a few hours from the incident, a high-profile Quds Force commander was found killed in drone strikes in Syria.   

killed in a drone strikeExtreme reactions are emerging from Iran in light of the assassination of nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh. ‘Silence over the killing of the nuclear scientist by directly infiltrating into the country is permission for more assassinations. So, teach the perpetrators a lesson with military action,’ is the demand gaining ground in Iran. Israel has rebuffed all claims on Fakhrizadeh’s assassination but also stated that a possible attack from Iran or Iranian-backed groups could not be denied.   

IDF chief Lt. Gen. Kochavi paid a visit to the Golan Heights near the Syrian border on Sunday and also stated that the country is ready for countering strikes from Iran or Iran-backed groups. Kochavi went on to say that ‘Israel will continue with stern action in Syria against Iran due to its encroachment. Israel is fully prepared for taking action against Iranian sites, which pose a security risk to the country.’ During his visit, the IDF chief met with the Israeli military officials who are launching strikes in Syria’s Golan.  

killed in a drone strikeMeanwhile, local media have reported that top Quds Force commander and two other soldiers were killed in a drone strike in the city of al-Qassam in northeast Syria on Sunday. The attack occurred when the car of the Quds Force commander reached near al-Qassam, which is located near the Iraqi border. The US is believed likely to have made the strike as it took place near the Iraqi border.  

However, Israeli media are highlighting the action against the Quds Force commander after Kochavi’s announcement. A few days ago, the Syrian human rights group had accused Israel of carrying out airstrikes on Iranian bases in the town of AlBukamal near the Syria-Iraq border.

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