Iran will seek revenge for Soleimani killing after Biden takes office, former Israeli security official warns  

Iran will seek revenge for Soleimani killing after Biden takes office, former Israeli security official warns  

Tel Aviv: Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and former chief of Israeli national security council have warned that ‘Iran is just waiting to avenge the killing of their leader Qassem Soleimani. After Joe Biden assumes office, Iran will take revenge for Soleimani’s killing. Iran will target Israel or its interests abroad. The former chief has alleged that Iran and Iraq may even launch cruise or ballistic missiles over Israel from Yemen or Lebanon.  

A few days ago, it was the 1st anniversary of Iranian Quds Force head Qassem Soleimani’s killing, who died in a US-launched drone strike. Iran had threatened to avenge the assassination of Soleimani and said the US would have to face dire consequences for it. Iranian-backed terrorist organisations also attacked US military bases in Iraq since then. However, Iran has not sought its revenge for the killing of the Quds Force head. Former Mossad Directors Shabtai Shavit and Danny Yatom, and former head of the National Security Council, Giora Eiland have warned that an attack over Israel by Iran was very probable.  

Shavit thus brought up terrorist attacks over the Israeli Embassy and its cultural centre in Argentina. Shavit has claimed that ‘In 1992 and 1994, Iran had used Hezbollah, a terrorist group that it backs, to target Israeli interests in Argentina. Iran may carry out a similar attack in future as well. Iran may use its proxies again to target Israel or its interests and ensure it does not get blamed for the act.’  

Danny Yatom, also a former Mossad Director, has asserted that ‘Soleimani’s death was a massive blow to Iran. Iran and Quds Force have not as yet recovered from the shock. In the coming times, we cannot say if the Quds Force could be as effective as before. Nevertheless, Iran will aim to attack a high-value target.’ Moreover, it will not be in Iran’s interest to launch a direct or indirect attack on the US or Israel when US President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration is only days away, former head of National Security Council, Giora Eiland said.  

Eiland has warned that ‘Current US President Donald Trump is unpredictable. So, after Biden takes office, Iranian aides, Iranian-backed terrorist organisations, hardliners will target Israeli interests as it is not possible for them to launch a direct attack on Israel. Even so, we cannot underestimate Iran. Israeli targets may be attacked by cruise missiles by Iran, from Iraq, Yemen, or with ballistic missiles from Lebanon’s Hezbollah.’  

A month ago, Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed. Outraged with his killing, Iran had threatened to launch deadly attacks on Israel. However, US’ former CIA Director John Brennan had advised Iran to exercise control. Further, Brennan warned Iran that it should not make any mistake until the US guard changes. Even Iranian military officials had threatened to avenge Soleimani killing after Trump’s term ends.   

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