Israel responds to rocket attacks from Syria with airstrikes 

Israel responds to rocket attacks from Syria with airstrikes 

Jerusalem: Six rockets were fired from Syria into Israel. The attacks that began Saturday night and continued till Sunday morning did not cause any damage to Israel. Nevertheless, Israel carried out airstrikes and fired artillery guns and drones at the southern part of Syria in response, according to Israeli security agencies. About 78 rockets from Palestine’s Gaza Strip and Lebanon were fired on Israel on Friday. Since then, rockets have been fired at Israel from Syria. The concern by Israeli leaders and analysts that Israel will be attacked from many fronts appears to have turned true.     

airstrikesIsrael had accused Iran-affiliated Hezbollah had a terrorist base at Syria’s Golan border, and it was being used for preparations to attack Israel. After the rocket attacks on Syria on Saturday and Sunday, the Israeli media once again reprimanded the Syrian government. Israeli media have accused the Syrian Assad regime of playing a dangerous game by avoiding action against organizations that attacked Israel. At the same time, the Israeli armed forces responded to the rocket attack by firing artillery guns and drones on South Syria. The Israeli armed forces said the airstrikes targeted the Syrian Army.     

Even previously, Israel has carried out several airstrikes on Syria and destroyed the weapons stockpile and bases in the country. Syria had threatened to retaliate against Israel’s attacks. However, the rockets fired at Israel from Syria on Saturday and Sunday are noteworthy, and some Israeli newspapers have claimed that they are a conspiracy to challenge Israel’s security. The Israeli daily says Iran plans to launch attacks on Israel by using the Palestinian organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, with bases in Lebanon and Syria.   


Hamas leader Ismail Haniya and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah met in Lebanon. Both of them decided to intensify action against Israel. After that, attacks started on Israel from the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and neighbouring Syria , which assumes much significance.  

Meanwhile, serious disputes have arisen between Israel and Palestine over the place of worship in East Jerusalem. It is claimed to have been the cause of attacks on Israel by the media worldwide. The situation in East Jerusalem has become sensitive, and there is a high possibility that the entire Middle Eastern region will feel its repercussions. In such a situation, Israeli security is being challenged from all fronts, and the condition is extremely critical, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

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