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China will capture Taiwan, and US will not be able to defend it: Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd

Washington: Amid a rise in Chinese fighter jet incursions into Taiwan’s airspace, Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has issued a warning that has caught the entire globe’s attention. ‘China will occupy Taiwan within a matter of a decade. After that, Chinese President Xi Jinping would achieve the status of Mao Tse-tung,’ Rudd claimed. The former prime minister came to a startling conclusion and said, ‘Not only that, the US will not offer China’s move of taking control over Taiwan much opposition because the United States as a power is in irreversible decline.’ 

Kevin Rudd, the two-time Prime Minister of Australia, is known as a leader with pro-China views. Rudd, who served as prime minister between 2007 and 2010, had given China huge concessions, ignoring Australia’s interests. In 2013, Rudd became Australia’s prime minister again but remained in power only for a few months. Kevin Rudd is currently working for the Asia Society in New York. By making shocking conclusions on China and the United States, Rudd seems to have hinted at China’s future course of action. 

‘China is ramping up efforts to turn the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into a world-class modern army that would surpass superpower US. Also, China aims to annex Taiwan. However, President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders are also aware that it is a matter less likely to be now resolved through negotiations,’ Rudd said. 

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd asserted that ‘On the other hand, since Xi Jinping came to power, China has abandoned the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle and taken control of Hong Kong. It has arrested leaders of Hong Kong and imposed restrictions on the media to crush protests. Taiwan is closely watching it all and will never join China. It will resist China with all its might but will eventually lose the war as the United States will not be in a position to help Taiwan.’ 

Kevin Rudd has suggested that ‘The United States does not have the military might to challenge China, at least in Asia. Therefore, the US will not be able to overpower China. China is thereby well aware that the United States will not engage in a Sino-Taiwanese war to protect its reputation and status.’  

Rudd went on to say that other countries in Asia will also not support the US against China. In the last few days, the Biden administration has been facing criticism in the United States that it is adopting a passive policy towards China. Right after Joe Biden came to power, China staged a military coup in Myanmar. Since then, Chinese incursions into Taiwan’s airspace have been on the rise. China has also initiated moves to challenge Japan in the East China Sea. Moreover, allegations have surfaced against the Biden administration that China is taking such steps because it is convinced that President Biden will not be able to do anything against it.  

In such a scenario, the warning given by Kevin Rudd, who is known to be pro-China, assumes much significance. Some US leaders have warned that China will be left unchecked during Biden’s tenure, and signs of it turning into reality are beginning to appear. 

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