Armed rebels kidnap more than 300 students in Nigeria’s Zamfara

Abuja: More than 300 students have been abducted in a terrorist attack on a secondary school in Nigeria’s northwestern province of Zamfara. For the second time in the last ten days, such a large number of students were abducted from the area. Boko Haram is suspected of being behind the kidnapping of students. Just two days before the incident, 36 people were killed in another terrorist attack.  

The village of Jangebe in Zamfara province has an independent secondary school for girls. The school also has its hostel for the girl students. At midnight on Thursday, more than 300 girl students were present when the terrorists attacked the school. The local administration did not comment on the number of students abducted by the terrorists. Nevertheless, according to a teacher, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the terrorists abducted more than 300 girls at gunpoint in large trucks and cars.  

Before the abduction, the militants attacked an army outpost in the region. Nigerian soldiers were seriously injured in the attack. Locals have initiated a search operation for the girls with the help of security forces. Terrorists had similarly attacked a school in northern Nigeria and abducted girl students only a week ago. No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnappings, although Boko Haram, a militant group active in the area, is suspected of having a hand in it. Boko Haram extremists kidnap school boys and girls for money.  

Earlier in December, terrorists had abducted more than 300 students from the Kankara area of Katsina province. It is feared that the Boko Haram terrorists could use the schoolchildren as child soldiers, resulting in a severe backlash from the international community. Even so, the terrorists released the students after a few days.  

Meanwhile, the spate of Boko Haram’s operations in the province bordering Nigeria and Niger have increased over the past few months. 

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