Shadow war between Iran and Israel intensifies

Shadow war between Iran and Israel intensifies


Dubai: Five days ago, Iranian Revolutionary Guard ship MV Saviz, a floating troop base, was attacked in the Red Sea. The incident has resultantly flared up the undeclared war between Iran and Israel in the Middle East over the past few years. International media have warned the counter-attacks between the two countries could escalate tensions in the region and spiral out of control soon.  

Since 2019, a series of mysterious attacks on foreign ships have begun in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Iran was accused of being responsible for attacks on Saudi, UAE, foreign oil and cargo ships. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was also revealed to have hijacked foreign vessels.  

Then-US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on Iran after withdrawing from the nuclear deal. In response, Iran was said to have begun attacking foreign ships. A video of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard being involved in one of the attacks had also surfaced.  

A month ago, an Israeli cargo ship was also attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Israel had directly blamed Iran for it. Later, reports had surfaced of Iranian ships being targeted in the Mediterranean Sea. A leading US news daily had accused Israel of being involved in some of the attacks.  

A shadow war is ongoing between Israel and Iran over the past few years. So far, oil and cargo ships were being targeted. However, international analysts warn that the undeclared war has erupted in the wake of last Tuesday’s attack on an Iranian vessel in the Red Sea.   

Limpet mines have been used extensively in the last two years to attack ships. The strike was launched by attaching limpet mines on the hull of the vessel superficially. However, in the Saviz, the mine was fixed on the ship’s underside to trigger the blast. As a result, it caused extensive damage to the Iranian boat, with water seeping into the engine room. The damage to the Saviz, a floating troop base of the Revolutionary Guard in the Red Sea, is a significant setback for Iran.   

With the MV Saviz ship’s help, Iran kept a close eye on Saudi Arabia’s action in Yemen. Saudi Arabia had accused that the situation was primarily beneficial to the Houthi rebels. By attacking the ship, Israel has not just delivered a blow to Iran but also the pro-Iranian Houthi rebels. The current situation could turn advantageous for Saudi Arabia.  

The incident will aggravate the undeclared war between Iran and Israel. Analysts warn that the situation in the Middle East could escalate out of control as attacks and counter-attacks intensify between the two nations. 

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