Russia cannot avoid the responsibility of cyberattacks, warns British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab

London/Moscow: – British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab issued a stern warning to Russia over the issue of cyberattacks, ‘The hackers launching cyberattacks seem to be stressing on creating obstacles with sabotage. These factors are the notorious gangs of the 21st century. They don’t only mean causing trouble. These factors, with support from some countries and criminal gangs, are also trying to weaken the democracies. When a country like Russia provides shelter to these hackers and criminal gangs, it cannot say that they have not done anything. Russia must remember that it is also a Russian responsibility to take action against these hackers and criminal gangs.’

CYBERUK Conference was organised in the United Kingdom on Wednesday. At this time, Foreign Minister Raab severely criticised China, North Korea and Iran, along with Russia, over the issue of the increasing threat of cyberattacks. The British Foreign Minister presented his stand, saying, ‘China, North Korea and Iran, as well as Russia, are countries with monopolistic regimes. These governments are using digital technology for sabotage and looting. The technology is also being used for censorship and controlling certain activities. The steps taken by the Junta regime in Myanmar is a glaring example of this.’

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