Hamas claims firing 15 rockets at Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility

Hamas claims firing 15 rockets at Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility

Jerusalem: Hamas, which has fired hundreds of rockets in the past four days, has now claimed to have fired 15 rockets at the Israeli city of Dimona. Dimona is home to Israel’s most important nuclear site. However, Israel did not confirm Hamas’s claim. So far, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired more than 1,500 rockets at Israel in the conflict, which has claimed the lives of 80 people.  

A major conflict has erupted between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants have begun targeting cities deep inside Israel. Hamas rockets are crashing into Israeli towns, which are about 250 kilometres away. Also, Israeli media have claimed that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have used such long-range missiles for the first time in the last few years of conflict. Israel is using David’s Sling air defence system, along with the Iron Dome, to destroy rockets and missiles.  

Israel has said 72 Palestinians have been killed so far in the conflict, including 10 Hamas commanders. On Wednesday, Israeli fighter jets destroyed a 12-story Hamas building in Gaza. The Israeli military stated that it carried out the attack when Hamas militants had gathered in the building to plot against Israel. Nevertheless, Hamas claims that children are being killed in Israeli attacks.  

A five-year-old boy was killed in rocket attacks from Gaza, and the Israeli military has released his photograph. Seven Israeli civilians have been killed in the conflict so far. On the other hand, the Israeli army has targeted more than 600 locations in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Israeli Defense Ministry has cancelled the leaves of its soldiers and ordered about 7,000 reserve troops to report for service.  

Reports state the decision to send the army into the Gaza Strip was made in a meeting between Israel’s defence minister and military officials on Wednesday. Israeli tanks and artillery have begun pounding the Gaza Strip. Therefore, according to debates, the Israeli army is expected to enter Gaza at any moment and take action. Defense Minister Gantz has entrusted the reserve force with curbing the riots between Jews and Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank cities.  

The conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip has drawn reactions from Turkey and Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s supreme religious leader, has advised the Palestinians to continue their struggle against Israeli atrocities and firing rockets at Israel. In addition, Turkish President Recep Erdogan had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Erdogan demanded the deployment of international troops in the Gaza Strip for the protection of Palestinians. More so, the Turkish media have said, Erdogan told Putin that Israel must be taught a lesson.