US Senators demand that US must not negotiate with Iran, responsible for attacking Israel 

Washington: Iran has openly backed terror outfits Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. These militant groups launched hundreds of rocket attacks on Israel due to Iran’s cooperation and incitement. In such a situation, US President Joe Biden must back Israel’s rights to self-defence and end the negotiations with Iran, the leading US Senators demanded. Moreover, the US media has supported this demand. ‘Why is the Biden administration making efforts to provide relief to Iran, which is trying to destroy Israel?’ the US media questioned.   

“Over the last few days, Israel has been attacked by hundreds of rockets and missiles. The attacks are being carried out by Hamas, declared as a militant outfit by the United States in 1997. The former US administration had accused Hamas of getting financial and military aid from Iran. In such a case, the Biden administration must end the ongoing negotiations with Iran in Vienna,” 44 Republican Senators demanded through a letter. The Republican Senators include senior members such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Todd Young, Tom Cotton, Dan Sullivan, Mitt Romney and John Kennedy.   

The Senators fired a salvo of criticism on Iran through the letter. ‘Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, who are funded by Iran, have launched a series of rocket attacks into Israel. They are targeting Israeli civilians and cities, including Israel’s capital Jerusalem. In light of these recent attacks against Israel, the United States should take all steps necessary to hold Iran accountable. The United States must not do anything to enrich Israel’s enemies, such as by offering sanctions relief to a regime that seeks to destroy Israel,’ appealed the Senators. The Senators also recalled that this is the first attack on Jerusalem since 2014. At the same time, they also drew attention to the inciting post published on social media by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei a few days before the Hamas rocket attacks.   

Israel attacks

‘The Biden administration must immediately end negotiations with Iran. Doing so would demonstrate a firm commitment to our closest ally in the region and our security interests. It will make clear sanctions relief will not be provided to Iran,’ slammed the US Senators. At the same time, the Republican Senators warned that “Iran is an adversary to Israel. Thus, the nuclear deal negotiations and offering relief would enrich the enemy nation.”   

This letter by the 44 Republican Senators is claimed to have added pressure over the Biden administration. Besides, a leading US news channel has criticised the Biden administration. “Earlier, the United States has declared Iran as the greatest sponsor of terrorism. This country has given out slogans for the destruction of Israel. But then, why is the Biden administration making an effort to lift tough sanctions placed on it?” question the US news channel.   

Furthermore, US news channels are drawing attention to the fact that once the United States eases sanctions on Iran and provides financial aid to Palestinians, the money will go to the militant group Hamas in Gaza. They will use this money to launch attacks on Israel once again.