Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza to target Hamas leaders 

  • 3,000 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza
  • Israel rejects possible ceasefire

Jerusalem: Two days ago, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that “We won’t allow Hamas leaders to live in peace either while the Israeli people are spending the night in bunkers due to Hamas rocket attacks.” Israel appears to have stayed true to its word by destroying the home of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in the Gaza Strip. Sinwar is said to have had a narrow escape. Israel has also launched an operation to target other Hamas leaders. Besides, the Hamas-linked Health Ministry has claimed 30 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes on Sunday morning.

The Israeli military stated that Israel had not experienced such massive rocket attacks in the last two decades. In 2019, Islamic Jihad had fired 570 rockets at Israel in a conflict that lasted three days. Also, in 2006, Hezbollah from Lebanon fired about 4,500 missiles during a 19-day battle. But now, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have launched 3,000 rockets on Israel from the Gaza Strip in just six days. 

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza

Hamas also fired rockets at Jerusalem and other sensitive areas. The Israeli military has raised alarm saying that the number of rocket attacks fired at Israel has dangerously risen. Israeli politicians stated that “About 600 of the rockets fired at Israel, crashed in the Gaza Strip itself, killing Palestinians. However, Hamas is not much concerned about it, which shows its mentality.” 

In the last 24 hours, Hamas has fired 130 rockets at Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed outrage over the rocket attacks from Gaza. “Hamas leaders who have launched hundreds of rocket attacks on the Israeli people will not remain safe in the Gaza Strip or anywhere else in the world,” Netanyahu said in a stern warning to Hamas. Israel then began targeting Hamas’s politicians as well as senior al-Qassam Brigades commanders in Gaza. 

In Saturday’s operation, Israel destroyed the homes of two Hamas leaders. These include the homes of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and his brother Muhammad Sinwar. The Israeli army has alleged that a weapons cache was hidden in the basement of Yahya Sinwar’s home. It also said that Muhammad Sinwar was the head of Hamas’s logistics unit. Furthermore, Israel has claimed to have launched missile attacks on another underground network of tunnels in Gaza. 

A telephone conversation took place between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden before initiating the operation. Netanyahu assured that “The crackdown on terrorist organizations in Gaza will continue. However, we must remain cautious so that the lives of innocent Palestinians are not lost.” 

Meanwhile, Hamas has alleged that 30 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza on Sunday morning. In the last six days of fighting, 181 Palestinians have been killed, including 52 children, according to a Hamas-affiliated Health Ministry. Nevertheless, Israel stated that more than 110 of them were Hamas militants. Moreover, on Saturday, Israel alleged that the Al Jala building in Gaza housed Hamas offices, along with international press offices. Israel has handed over evidence pertaining to the claim to US Special Envoy Hady Amr. 

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