Iran can take Uranium enrichment to 90% level

announces Iranian President

Iranian President

Iranian PresidentTehran – Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s outgoing President, said, ‘The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization is currently enriching Uranium to levels between 20% to 60%. But in the near future, if required, Iran can take the same enrichment to 90 percent.’ It is claimed that the Iranian President has delivered a message that Iran has reached very close to the nuclear bomb. In this period, reports are coming in that Iran has stalled the talks going on in Vienna for the nuclear deal.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting in Iran, President Rouhani announced 90% Uranium enrichment. He also criticised the Western countries for their anti-Iran activities. Western nations have sought to shut down Iran’s Fordow nuclear plant. But at the moment, the nuclear project is operating faster, claimed President Rouhani. Rouhani warned that since Iran is not bound to the 2015 nuclear deal, it is considering various possibilities to acquire nuclear technology.

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