West needs to prepare for bio-terror threats from radical groups

warns ex-UK PM Tony Blair 

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London: ‘Radicalism is the first-order security threat. At the same time, the threat of radical groups using biological weapons does exist, and the West must prepare for it,’ warns former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair issued the warning while addressing a leading UK think tank on the subject – ‘The 9/11 Attacks, Two Decades On’. Concurrently, the former Prime Minister also drew attention towards the need for military deployment in the fight against terrorism, referring to Afghanistan.  

चरमपंथी गुटों

On Monday, the UK think tank ‘The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)’ organized an event. At the event, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair extended his view over the situation that emerged after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and its threat. ‘Both radical ideology and violence is a first-order security threat. If it remains unchecked, it will come to us, even if centred far from us, the threat is inevitable, as 9/11 demonstrated,’ Blair stated. 

Covid-19 has taught us about deadly pathogens. Bio-terror possibilities may seem like the realm of science fiction; it is rather becoming a fact. Western nations would be wise now to prepare for their potential use by non-state actors,’ warned the ex-UK Prime Minister. Blair also drew attention towards the Afghanistan issue.

‘I believe the United States may not be keen on making military deployments anymore. In such a scenario, the UK should adopt a more unified approach towards European countries and make an effort to prevent the threat of terrorism,’ Blair advised. With this, he also mentioned the terrorism threat to the Sahel region of West Africa. The former Prime Minister argued that deploying troops to combat terrorism is an essential element. Blair supported the deployment of foreign troops, saying that even though a regional army is preferred, it may not be possible every time. 

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