China using maritime militia aggressively to seize control of the South China Sea, warns US think tank

‘मेरिटाईम मिलिशिआ’, अमरिकी अभ्यासगुट

Washington / Beijing – China’s communist regime aggressively uses maritime militia to seize control of the South China Sea, warned a US think tank. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the think tank from the United States, released an extensive report on China’s activities. It shockingly claimed, about 300 ships from the Chinese militia consistently patrolled the ‘West Philippine Sea’ area. The think tank also pointed out that the size and operations of militia have increased more after Xi Jinping took over the reins of China.   

‘मेरिटाईम मिलिशिआ’, अमरिकी अभ्यासगुट

The report titled ‘Pulling Back the Curtain On China’s Maritime Militia’ provides information from the background of the militia to its current activities. China has been using the maritime militia since the 1970s. Besides, it had seized Paracel Island from Vietnam. The US think tank recalled. For a few decades after that, militias working on obstructing foreign ships in the South China Sea were given more aggressive form during Jinping’s times. The size of the militia has been increased alongside the facilities and concession the government granted them, reported CSIS.   

‘मेरिटाईम मिलिशिआ’, अमरिकी अभ्यासगुट

The think tank made aware that the movements of Chinese militias have increased tremendously in the last two years. West Philippines Sea, which is a part of the South China Sea, is consistently patrolled by about 300 ships of militia, CSIS clarified. The US think tank has also published satellite photographs to support its information. This includes vessels anchored at the Chinese ports. Simultaneously, Chinese officials, as well as government media, have cited the statements released about militias.  

The usage of Chinese militias has increased in the Spratly Islands and nearby small islands, warned the US think tank. The CSIS also drew attention to the militia ships deployed in large areas for several days. Besides, they are deployed in a combined and scattered position. The Chinese militia is part of ‘Grey Zone Tactics’ through which China is exerting tremendous pressure on its neighbouring countries, cited CSIS. The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia are the worst hit southeastern countries, said CSIS. 

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