Coronavirus lockdown severely affecting China’s economy

Beijing – Successive outbreaks of Coronavirus are coming to the fore in China, the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. Outbreaks have been reported in major cities such as Yuzhou and Tianjin since the outbreak began last month in Xi’an. The Chinese communist regime began implementing the Zero Covid Policy to control this. Concerns are being raised that this has started hitting the Chinese economy. Besides, its repercussions will be felt on the international economy.


At the end of 2019, patients of Coronavirus were found in Wuhan, China. The Chinese communist regime claimed to have gained total control over the pandemic through lockdowns, mass testing, building big hospitals and vaccines developed on the local level. Photographs of parties and crowd gatherings in Wuhan, the origin of the pandemic, and the other cities, were also published. But now, it is being observed that there is an outbreak of Coronavirus in many Chinese provinces.  

There has been a stir in China since the patients of Omicron variants have begun to get detected in various Chinese cities. Although the number of patients is negligible compared to other countries of the world, China has implemented a ‘Zero Covid Policy’ with strict restrictions against it. The policy has hit hundreds of factories and industries in China. Foreign companies such as Samsung and Micron Technology have said that this has affected their products. Restrictions have also been imposed on the Ningbo port, the hub of exports, which has disrupted the traffic of vessels. Information has surfaced that many companies involved in the supply chain have to bear the loss.  


Nomura Holdings, a financial institution, has warned that successive lockdowns imposed in China have already begun to shock the economy. Analysts have signalled that China’s economic growth rate will come down to 3% in the last quarter of 2021 due to the shocks of lockdown. The rate was as much as 4.9 % in the third quarter.  

It has surfaced that internal problems in China are also shaping seriously along with the economy. Complaints have begun to surface through social media and other media that locals are not getting food supplies and other proper facilities in the cities where lockdown has been implemented. It has been unveiled that many families have not been supplied with vegetables and other food supplies for three to four days. Reports have been released that people have exchanged valuables at home for food supplies in some parts. Information has been revealed that Coronavirus restrictions have led to starvation for many, and some senior citizens have died at home due to lack of treatment.

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