Foreign interference behind attempted coup in Kazakhstan allege Kazakh and Russian presidents

Foreign interference

Nur Sultan / Moscow – Last week, a well-planned conspiracy behind the violence erupted in various Kazakhstan cities. Foreign agents had drafted the plot to coup the regime in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan faced a hybrid terrorist attack. Similar to the uprising arranged in Ukraine in 2014, violence was scheduled in Kazakhstan as well, are the serious allegations made by the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Russia. Although not directly named, the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Russia have hinted that the United States is behind it.  

A meeting of the former Soviet-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) was held on Monday to discuss the violence in Kazakhstan, which killed at least 164 people. At the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev claimed that the protests against fuel price rise were not spontaneous.   

Foreign interference

‘Under the guise of spontaneous protests, a wave of unrest broke out…it became clear that the main goal was to undermine the constitutional order and to seize power. We are talking about an attempted coup d’état,’ President Tokayev alleged at a CSTO meeting. Moreover, President Tokayev alleged that the native and foreign groups came together and used terrorists to carry out a hybrid terrorist attack.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin reminded of the 2014 attack against the then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Armed rebels had attacked Ukraine’s Parliament to pull down pro-Russian Yanukovych of power. About 125 people had been killed, and nearly 700 had gone missing in the violence that erupted thereon. President Putin pointed out that from there on, there was a coup in Ukraine, and an anti-Russian government had come to power. The violence in Kazakhstan was also similarly premeditated, Putin alleged.  

Pakistani and Afghan radicals fueled the riots   

Foreign interference

Almaty – Tablighis of Pakistan and radical groups in Afghanistan were behind the terrible violence in Almaty of Kazakhstan, reveal the reports. This information was given by the officials related to the Russian security system while talking to the news agency.   

Moreover, the radicals trained in Afghanistan are present in Kazakhstan. Whereas; the radical organisation in Pakistan is trying to establish itself in Central Asia. A possibility is being predicted that the two groups infiltrated Almaty of Kazakhstan via Kyrgyzstan and accomplished violence. Radicals in both countries have gained strength since the Taliban regime rose to power in Afghanistan, and the riots in Kazakhstan have clarified that Asian countries are under threat. 

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