Russia intensifies its attacks on Ukraine after negotiations fail   

Russia intensifies its attacks on Ukraine after negotiations fail   

Moscow / Kyiv – Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukraine after its talks with Ukraine failed. There are reports of strong attacks by Russian forces on the capital Kyiv and the cities of Chernihiv and Nizhyn in the north. Ukraine has informed that 300 civilians and 50 soldiers were killed in the Russian attack on Irpin, a suburb of the capital Kyiv. At the same time, claims that Russian troops are withdrawing from Kyiv and other cities have been dispelled, and it has emerged that there are reports that Russian forces have become more aggressive.  

Moreover, Russia’s Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced talks between Russia and Ukraine held in Istanbul, Turkey, have failed. Some positive things have surfaced from this discussion. However, Ukraine still will have to do a lot more before reaching a ceasefire, Peskov warned. In 2014, taking control over Crimea of Ukraine, Russia had annexed that region to itself. Ukraine wants to discuss that. However, saying that it is unlikely to be discussed, Peskov emphasised that Crimea was part of Russia. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Zelensky gave a very hostile reaction to this discussion. Ukraine’s President has remarked that Russia cannot be trusted after the talks.  

Meanwhile, the White House informed that US President Joe Biden would soon hold talks with the President of Ukraine. Besides, reports say that French President Emmanuel Macron has again held telephonic talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine issue. It is believed that the discussions were regarding providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine and the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol and other cities. However, it has come to the fore that Russia is considering France’s terms for its fuel purchases more than humanitarian aid. This seems to have upset the US and other Western countries.  

The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia, disrupting its fuel exports. This puts countries that buy fuel from Russia in trouble. Russia has put a condition on using Russian currency ruble instead of dollars for our fuel in such a situation. It is claimed that the talks between President Macron and President Putin revealed that France is seriously considering it.  

Russia is not ready to supply free fuel to Europe, said Dmitry Peskov, warning European countries dependent on Russian fuel. Moreover, some European countries are also looking for other alternatives to fuel, saying that they will not tolerate Russia’s arrogance on fuel. However, their efforts have not been much success so far. Even in such a situation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on UK’s allies to intensify sanctions on Russia. Until all Russian troops withdraw from Ukraine, the intensity of sanctions on Russia will have to be stepped up; the British Prime Minister has indicated. But some European countries oppose the US and UK saying that they have no choice but to use Russian fuel.  

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