Russian troops advance towards the Ukrainian capital

- airstrike two cities in West Ukraine

Russian troops advance towards the Ukrainian capital

Moscow / Kyiv – Russian forces did not move forward even after hitting the border of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. But since Thursday, Russian forces have begun advancing towards Kyiv. Russia, which until now has carried out military operations in eastern Ukraine, has already started airstrikes on western Ukraine. It has come to the fore that after the US and NATO deployed thousands of troops and sophisticated weapons in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries, Russia has escalated the intensity of war in Ukraine.  

दिशेने आगेकूचMoreover, as per the claims by Ukraine and the Western countries, the Russian forces’ had slowed down over the past few days. Thousands of soldiers, including senior Russian military officials, were killed. Besides, Russian fighter jets and tanks were also destroyed. By saying this, Ukraine’s President had been providing information of his might to the world. Simultaneously, President Zelensky had claimed that the conflict was at a strategic turning point. Against this backdrop, the Russian military has once again accelerated its operations.  

Since Thursday, Russian tanks and troops have been advancing near the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. It has been reported that the forces have reached up to the border of the capital Kyiv. On the other hand, Russia launched heavy airstrikes on central and western Ukraine cities. There have been many airstrikes on the Dnipro city in central Ukraine on Friday. It has destroyed several buildings as well as factories in the city.  

Furthermore, Russia had not launched attacks in western Ukraine yet. Hence, this part in Ukraine was relatively safer. But through its military action, Russia has warned Ukraine cannot assume the security of the region. Extensive effects of this may come to the fore in the coming times. It could hit a major blow to Ukraine’s President, who has spoken of challenging Russia. Military assistance from the United States and NATO had again changed the language of the Ukrainian President, who had a tone of pacification for some time. Against that backdrop, Russia seems to have intensified its attacks on Ukraine. 

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