North Korea conducts second missile test in three days

- tensions rise in Korean peninsula

North Korea conducts second missile test in three days

Seoul: North Korea conducted missile tests again on Tuesday. North Korea fired ballistic missiles from the ground into the water. Western media has underscored that North Korea has carried out the test at a time when the US and South Korea are conducting war drills. The South Korean President will be on a historic visit to Japan on Thursday. Japan and South Korea may discuss a united front against North Korea. In view of the developments, North Korea is claimed to have conducted the test.   

 missile testAccording to a South Korean military chief, North Korea tested two short-range ballistic missiles towards its eastern waters on Tuesday morning. South Korea’s military chief said the missiles, fired in a window of about 10 minutes, were being monitored by them. The 11-day joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea began on Monday. South Korea’s military chief claimed North Korea would likely test missiles to counter this.  

North Korea has accused the US and South Korean military exercise ‘Freedom Shield’ of being a preparation for an attack on North Korea. The US and South Korean militaries are conducting such a large-scale war exercise after five years. On Sunday, North Korea had tested two strategic cruise missiles from a submarine, hours before the military drills. International analysts have thereby pointed out that North Korea had sent the message that it had the ability to launch attacks with a submarine and nuclear-tipped missiles.  

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has taken note of North Korean missile tests conducted on Tuesday. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol is scheduled to visit Japan on Thursday to meet Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Japan’s atrocities on the Korean people in the Korean War of the last century are considered a major obstacle in the relations between the two countries. However, in the current situation, considering the common threat to Japan and South Korea from countries like China and North Korea, there is a need for the countries to put aside these differences.  

The South Korean President’s visit to Japan is preparation for precisely that, and this visit is expected to be historic. North Korea reacted sharply to this as well. Saying that all of this is part of the strategy against them, North Korea has threatened to respond with a nuclear attack. There were reports that North Korea would soon shock the world by launching a new nuclear attack. Therefore, the importance of strategic cooperation between South Korea and Japan has tremendously increased. 

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