Russia steps up deployment of bombers at Engels-2 airbase

- Ukraine and the West claim it to be preparation for fresh attacks

Russia steps up deployment of bombers at Engels-2 airbase

 Moscow: Russia has deployed new bombers at the Engels-2 airfield in Saratov province in the south. Ukraine and Western agencies claimed that this new deployment occurred in the last few days. These agencies also expressed fear that the deployment is a preparation for launching major air and missile attacks on Ukraine in the coming days. While Western countries expressed their worries, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu asked the Russian armed forces to increase the use of advanced weapons in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities informed that the power supply in Kherson city was completely cut off following the fierce Russian attacks.  

 Engels-2Russia has launched massive air and missile attacks on Ukraine since October. Due to this, Ukraine’s electricity and water supply systems have been largely destroyed. More than ten million citizens of Ukraine are facing problems like a shortage of electricity and water supply. The severity of these crises has increased because of the harsh winter in Ukraine. Against this background, Western countries have begun to announce financial assistance one after the other for infrastructure and security in Ukraine.  

Russia had earlier criticized this growing intervention of Western countries. Russian leaders had warned that the Russian retaliation would be proportional to the extent of this interference. In such a situation, the deployment of new bombers at the ‘Engels-2’ base becomes noteworthy. Satellite photographs show that along with bombers, large crates of cruise missiles and other systems have also been kept in large quantities. Earlier, there were reports that Russia had increased its deployment in Belarus and the Kaliningrad base. 


While increasing the bombers’ deployment, Russian forces have also launched heavy attacks in Donbas and Kherson. The attacks in Kherson are said to have caused a complete power outage in the city. At the same time, there are also claims that Russian forces have formed a strong military front on the other side of the Dnipro River. Therefore, sources said it would result in a surge in the number of attacks on Ukrainian forces in Kherson in the coming times. Russian Defence Ministry reported that Russian troops had reached close to Bakhmut, an important city in Donbas. The Defence Ministry also said two important areas around the city had been captured in the last 24 hours.  

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said there will be a big increase in Russia’s defence spending for 2023 in the wake of the Ukraine conflict. While giving this information at a meeting of the Defence Ministry, Defence Minister Shoigu also urged the Russian forces to increase the use of advanced weapons in Ukraine. 

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