Russia intensifies attacks in East and South Ukraine 

Russia intensifies attacks in East and South Ukraine 

Moscow/Kyiv – Russia has launched aggressive attacks in the southern Ukrainian provinces following the Donbas region. In the last 24 hours, Russia launched strong missile and artillery attacks on the Mykolaiv region of the south Ukraine and Donbas cities. At the same time, Russian Defence Forces informed that caliber missiles were launched on the Ukrainian Mountain Brigade from the Black Sea marine region.  

Last month, Russia announced the start of the second phase of its military campaign in Ukraine. In this phase, Russia had indicated seizing regions from Donbas up to the Moldova border. It has emerged that the Russian military is trying its best for this. Besides, Russia has increased the intensity of the attacks by the day, and artillery, tanks, rockets and missiles are ceaselessly struck to seize the important cities.  

Moreover, Russia has begun strong moves to gain control over the Luhansk and Donetsk provinces in the Donbas region. Several units deployed in Mariupol have been moved to the Donbas region. At the same time, the Russian Defence Forces also informed that laser weapons and advanced tanks were also being deployed. Local sources claimed that Russian forces could seize the Severodonetsk city in the Luhansk province in a day or two.  

Furthermore, Ukrainian officials claimed that Russian Defence Forces used the Scorched Earth Tactics to seize the Donbas region. Ukrainian officials said that the cities were burnt to ashes, scorching them with artillery, tanks and missile fire. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that nearly 100 lives are being lost in the Donbas conflict every day. A few days ago, Ukraine claimed to have expelled the Russian forces from the city of Kharkiv. But Russia has resumed attacks to gain control of the city.  

Along with Kharkiv, missile and airstrikes were launched in Mykolaiv, part of Southern Ukraine, and around nearby areas. It targeted Ukraine’s military command centres as well as weapon depots. The Defence Forces spokesman also claimed that Russia had overcast the US Howitzers.  

Ukraine informed that Russia has also begun major attacks near the Odessa port. Against the backdrop of attacks, Ukraine has demanded assistance from the international community to clear the blockade of the Odessa port. Although Ukraine controls the Odessa port and town, the large deployment of Russian naval forces in the Black Sea region has completely closed the maritime route. Therefore, millions of tons of Ukraine’s food and other products are stranded. 

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