Russian President Vladimir Putin announces deployment of ‘Sarmat Missiles’ and ‘S-500’


Moscow / Kyiv – Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has announced the deployment of ‘Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles’ and ‘S-500 defence systems’ amid indications that the Russia-Ukraine conflict may continue for a long time. On Tuesday, Putin declared that the missiles and defence systems would be active in the defence forces by the end of this year. Earlier, it had surfaced that Russian Defence Forces had used hypersonic missiles and laser weapons in Ukraine’s military campaign, which began in late February. Against this backdrop, President Putin’s announcement proves to draw attention.

'S-500'Moreover, it has emerged in the last month and a half that Russia has achieved considerable success in its campaign in Ukraine. Russian forces seizing significant sites and towns in the Donbas region have created havoc on the Ukrainian military. Russia has launched aggressive attacks with a new spirit on several cities that have previously been forced to withdraw. Missiles, rockets and cannons have been bombarded on several fronts from Kharkiv in north-eastern Ukraine to Odessa at the southern end. As a result, it has come to the fore that the Ukrainian leadership has posed reactions that Ukraine is in big trouble, and it is becoming increasingly difficult by the day to wage war with Russia.

Against this backdrop, it becomes essential for the President of Russia to announce the deployment of the S-500, including the Sarmat nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile. During the initial times, there were claims that the Russian Defence Forces would not be able to fight the struggle in Ukraine for long. The Russian Defence Forces were also said to have suffered heavy casualties. However, in the last few days, the situation has changed, and information has come to light that Russia will be able to continue the conflict in Ukraine for at least a year. There are indications that Russia could inflict heavy losses on Ukraine and its allies with more advanced missiles and defence systems if the conflict prolongs.

Moreover, Russia’s Sarmat nuclear missile travels 16,000 miles per hour and can hit targets at 11,200 miles. Besides, the S-500 air defence system is the world’s most advanced air security system. Russia has claimed that the missile ranges 600 km and can penetrate hypersonic missiles.

Meanwhile, the defence forces spokesman informed that Russia launched attacks on the cities of Lysychansk, Kherson and Mykolaiv in Ukraine. The Russian military has seized control of a critical village near Lysychansk, and Ukrainian officials say it has become difficult to defend the city.

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