Russia intensifies attacks in Donetsk after seizing Luhansk   

Russia intensifies attacks in Donetsk after seizing Luhansk   

Moscow / Kyiv – Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated the Russian Defence Forces on the complete seizure of Ukraine’s Luhansk province. At the same time, the Russian news agency has reported that President Putin has ordered the Russian military units, which have made the campaign successful in Luhansk, to pause for a while and get ready to begin a new action. After seizing Luhansk, Russian forces turned their attention to the Donetsk province in Donbas. The intensity of attacks on the cities of Bakhmut and Sloviansk in the province have increased, informed Ukrainian officials.  

attacks in Moreover, Western analysts have claimed Russia‘s seizure of the Luhansk province was a major blow to Ukraine. A British think tank drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian army fell short of withstanding Russia’s consistent, aggressive attacks in Luhansk. The think tank also remarked in the report that Ukrainian military squads did not have the capability to combat the Russian army’s heavy mechanised brigade. Western analysts led to attention that although Ukraine claims to have withdrawn from Lysychansk to save soldiers’ lives, it does not make much sense strategically.  

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Furthermore, Luhansk’s success could be a significant stage for Russian President Putin and the defence forces. The complete seizure of a province in Ukraine is a major success for Russian forces. On the strength of this success, it is believed that the Russian military will forge ahead more resolutely to seize the rest of the area in the Donbas region. The massive attacks on cities such as Bakhmut and Sloviansk, which began on Monday, are a part of the same. More than 30% of the Donetsk province, a part of Donbas, is controlled by Russian troops and pro-rebel forces, including cities such as the capital, Donetsk and Mariupol. 

After losing Luhansk, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that they will struggle to regain control over the part. Western countries that support Ukraine have once again assured long-term assistance to Ukraine. The United States has announced $800 million in new defence assistance, while Australia has announced defence aid of $100 million. Besides, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has proposed to provide a security guarantee for Ukraine.  

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian leadership claimed a staggering $ 750 billion for reconstructing Ukraine. 

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