Gaza launches 580 rocket attacks on Israeli city Jerusalem

Gaza launches 580 rocket attacks on Israeli city Jerusalem
  • Rockets were projected toward the city of Jerusalem   
  • Israel claims to have killed all PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) commanders   
  • Israel targets 140 terrorist sites in Gaza  

Gaza/Jerusalem – The conflict between the terrorist organisation ‘Palestinian Islamic Jihad-PIJ’ in Gaza Strip and Israel has intensified. The PIJ launched about 580 rocket attacks on Israel. Israel alleged that some of these rockets were aimed toward Jerusalem, a susceptible location in Israel. Israel, too, intensified its operations, targeting 140 terrorist sites in Gaza. All the PIJ commanders associated with the security wing have been killed in this operation, including the second-ranking leader, Khaled Mansour. According to information released by the Israeli military, PIJ locations in Gaza are targeted under ‘Operation Breaking Dawn’. All of the PIJ commanders listed by the Israeli military were killed, informed Major General Oded Basiuk, the operation’s senior officer. Major General Basiuk said they succeeded in killing PIJ’s second-in-command and the chief of Al-Quds Brigade, Khaled Mansour. Basiuk noted that the Israeli military has successfully given a severe shock to the PIJ for the second day in a row. Khaled Mansour had earlier launched attacks on Israel from the southern region of Gaza.  

PIJ commanders PIJ commanders

Hamas-affiliated health organisations in Gaza claim that 31 Palestinians were killed in this operation by Israel. Israel says that most of the terrorists were killed in its operation. Last year, Hamas launched hundreds of rocket attacks on Israel daily. In this conflict that lasted for 11 days, Hamas had bombarded Israel with more than three and a half thousand rockets. Concerns were expressed that the PIJ is repeating last year’s attack. For this, efforts are underway to resolve this conflict between Israel and PIJ through the mediation of Egypt. 

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