US may help Ukraine launch attacks on Crimea

- a US daily claims  

US may help Ukraine launch attacks on Crimea

Washington/Kyiv: The US may provide additional arms and other types of assistance to Ukraine to attack Crimea, captured by Russia in the last decade, claims a leading US news daily. The decision taken by the US in the last few days regarding the large-scale supply of advanced weapons to Ukraine is a step in this direction, The New York Times said. Even as the US daily made this claim, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced his intention to recapture Crimea at an event in Davos.  

CrimeaThe province of Crimea, once part of the Russian Federation, was transferred to Ukraine in 1954. After that, in 2014, Russia launched attacks and once again seized control of Crimea. Nevertheless, the international community has refused to accept Russia’s sovereignty over the region. After the start of the Russia-Ukraine war last year, Ukraine has repeatedly said the conflict would not stop until it gains control over Crimea.  

President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders said Crimea is not even an issue anymore, as they retorted to the remarks by Ukraine and Western countries. Last year, Ukraine destroyed the bridge connecting Russia and Crimea and the Russian bases in Crimea. Russia had given a strong response to the attacks. Russian analysts have pointed out that Crimea is a sensitive issue for President Putin. Therefore, if there is an attack on the province, it is believed that Russia will strike Ukraine by unleashing its full capacity and power.   

CrimeaHowever, Ukrainian President Zelensky has repeatedly warned that Crimea is part of Ukraine alone, and the Ukrainian soldiers will not stop their campaign until it has been recaptured. He reiterated his claim that Crimea is only Ukraine’s territory in his statements made at the meeting in Davos. Zelensky also went on to claim that Western countries should provide us with weapons, and we will surely regain control over Crimea. It is now coming to light that Zelensky made the claims due to the support received from the US.  

The US daily said the US Biden administration had taken a positive stand over providing help to Ukraine to attack Crimea. Furthermore, US sources indicated that Ukraine would be supplied with long-range missiles and rockets for it. 

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