The world is sleepwalking into a wider war

- the UN Secretary-General warns  

The world is sleepwalking into a wider war

United Nations: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres fears that the world is sleepwalking towards the abyss of a wider war. Guterres expressed his concern by citing the war in Ukraine and the developments in other places worldwide. The United Nations Secretary-General pointed out that there are simultaneously many challenges in front of the world, and their resolution can lead to a massive war. While giving information about the UN’s priority program for the year 2023, Guterres underlined this danger.   

wider warIt has been one year since the conflict in Ukraine began, and it has caused tremendous damage. However, it is believed that from February 24, Russia will launch more intense attacks on Ukraine, which will cause excessive destruction in Ukraine. Russia had already issued a warning about it. Strategic analysts had warned that after Russian strikes on Ukraine intensify, western countries will be pulled into the war while providing support to Ukraine. Russia claims it is not fighting the Ukrainian Army but the NATO military in Ukraine. Russia also accused NATO of stepping into the conflict against Russia by providing sophisticated weapons to the Ukrainian Army. Russia had warned the US and other NATO member countries that they would have to pay the price for this.  

Although he did not mention it directly, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of a “comprehensive war” by giving a vague reference to these developments. Guterres raised the alarm and caution by saying he feared the world was moving toward a wider war in its slumber. Guterres also pointed out that peace is necessary for Russia and Ukraine, but the possibility of it is becoming dim.  

wider warNot only the conflict between Russia and Ukraine but the Israel-Palestine dispute is also escalating. The rights of girls and women in Afghanistan are being trampled. Terrorist attacks are consistently occurring in this country. A new wave of violence has erupted in Myanmar. Criminal groups have taken control of Haiti, and their rule reigns over this country. The security situation in the SAHEL region of Africa has become serious,’ Guterres said as he literally read out the terrible crisis facing the world. Guterres claimed that the UN would implement a new agenda by promoting peace in such a situation. Analysts consistently underscore that even though the UN Secretary-General is making such a statement, the United Nations has not succeeded in establishing peace and stopping war.   

Countries like India are repeatedly pointing out that the United Nations was created post the World War II era, and there is a need to change this old structure. As a result, India has claimed that the United Nations has become ineffective and is getting support from other countries. Therefore, it is evident that the United Nations does not have the capacity even to implement the agenda of peace by hinting at the possibility of a wider war and expressing concern over it. Therefore, the concern expressed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations is all the more terrifying. 

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