Russia claims over 400 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donetsk clash

 – Ukraine attempts drone strike on Russia's Bryansk 

Russia claims over 400 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donetsk clash

Moscow/Kyiv: After capturing more than 80 per cent of Bakhmut city in Ukraine’s Donetsk province, Russia is focusing on other cities in the region. Russian Army carried out fierce attacks in Uglidar, Chasiv Yar and nearby areas, in which more than four and a half hundred Ukrainian soldiers were killed, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Ukraine has started shelling Russia’s border regions, and on Thursday, there have been reports of drone attacks in Bryansk province. It is the second time in a month Ukraine has attacked Bryansk.  

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A few days ago, the head of Russia’s ‘Wagner Group’ claimed to have acquired ‘legal control’ of Bakhmut city in the Donbas region. Although Ukraine and Western countries have rebuffed the claim, over 80 per cent of Bakhmut has been revealed to be a part of Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was visiting Poland on Wednesday, has given indications of withdrawal, saying a decision will be made according to the situation.  

According to the pro-Russian group officials, about 15 to 20 thousand Ukrainian soldiers were lost in the Bakhmut conflict. On the other hand, Ukrainian officials claim that Ukrainian forces are neutralising 20 to 25 attacks from Russia daily. The Russian Army appears to have started fighting for control over other cities in Donetsk, as seen from the conflict in the two days. Avdiivka, Uglidar, Chasiv Yar and Vodianoyvar continue to be hit by the Russian Army.  


More than four and a half hundred Ukrainian soldiers were killed, according to Russia’s Defence Ministry. At this time, the Ukrainian Army’s weapons stockpile suffered large-scale damage. The Defence Ministry also said that Russian bombers participated in the attacks on Uglidar. The Ministry also said that a fierce battle was going on between the armies of Russia and Ukraine in Kupiansk and Kremina of Luhansk province.  

The Ukrainian Army, which has become weary of the Russian Army attacks, has initiated a series of strikes on Russian provinces. Last month, Russian agencies claimed to have foiled a major attack on Bryansk. After that, there was another drone attack attempted on Bryansk. Even though there were no casualties, the surging Ukrainian attacks have raised concerns in Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused foreign intelligence agencies of being actively involved in such attacks.  

A reaction has emerged from the US in response. ‘The United States does not support or encourage attacks outside Ukrainian territory’, stated John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council. 

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