Russia launches missile attacks on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk region

Moscow/Kyiv: ‘Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk region, early Monday morning. The command post, along with the “logistics hub” of the Ukrainian Army, was destroyed,’ the Russian Defence Ministry claimed. At the same time, the Ministry stated that 200 tons of weapons of the Ukrainian Army were destroyed in the rocket attacks on Donetsk. Monday’s attacks showed that Russian forces have again begun to increase the scope of their missile strikes over the past few days.


Early Monday morning, Russian warplanes carried out heavy missile attacks on the Dnipropetrovsk region in central Ukraine. At this time, the Dnipro, as well as the Pavlorhad City, were targeted this time. At this time, the “logistics hub” of the Ukrainian Army in this area has been destroyed. At the same time, power stations in Dnipro and the nearby regions have also been damaged, and the power supply has been disrupted, sources said. The Ukrainian system informed that many people were injured in this missile attack by Russia.


Along with Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine’s capital Kyiv was also targeted. However, Ukraine claimed that the air defence systems intercepted the missile attacks on the capital, Kyiv. It has come to light that about 18 missiles were fired on Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv. It is the second time in the last four days that Russia has launched a missile attack on Ukraine. Earlier, more than 20 people were killed in the attack on Friday morning.


Following the missile attacks, Russia launched a heavy barrage of rockets and artillery firing on several parts of the Donbas region. Russian Defence Ministry claimed that 200 tons of the Ukrainian Army’s weapons were destroyed in an attack by Russian forces in the Kramatorsk City of Donbas. Ukraine reported that some people were killed in the shelling in the southern province of Kherson.

Meanwhile, Russian forces have claimed to have captured a new area in the ongoing conflict in Bakhmut City. Russia is said to have gained control of nearly 90 per cent of the city. Nevertheless, Ukraine clarified that it still controls the western part of the city and the road connecting it to the Ukrainian town of Chasiv Yar. Ukrainian military officials claim the battle for Bakhmut is getting more complicated by the day.

A sabotage explosion in Russia’s Bryansk derails a freight train   


Moscow/Kyiv: An explosion by a pro-Ukraine group in Russia’s Bryansk region led to an accident and caused a freight train to derail. The accident happened around 10:15 in the morning, according to Russian standard time. It is said that the carriage of the goods train derailed and caught fire. Sources informed that tanks were being sent for the Russian Army from this freight train. Sources also explained that the goods train derailed due to an explosion on the track caused by the help of ‘IED’ explosives.  

It was also revealed that pro-Ukraine groups had destroyed power cables in the St Petersburg area following the derailment of the freight train. Local officials said that this had caused power outages in some areas. 

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