Russia launches major missile and drone strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv 

Russia launches major missile and drone strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv 

Moscow/Kyiv: While the Ukrainian president was busy acquiring arms from European countries, Russia launched a massive attack on the capital city of Kyiv. Hypersonic missiles and drones were used in these attacks, which took place around 2.30 am on Monday. During the attacks, Russia said it targeted the Patriot Missile Defense System, which was given to Ukraine by the US. However, Ukraine and the US have rejected this claim. Ukraine said it was the heaviest attack on the capital Kyiv since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war.  

UkrainianIn the last few days, reports suggested Ukraine had dealt successive heavy blows to Russia . It included incidents such as drone attacks in various regions of Russia, including the capital Moscow, loss of advanced Russian fighter jets, casualties of senior military officers and attacks on defence lines. Due to the continuous blows, the resentment against the defence forces from the Russian circles had started intensifying. In the wake of these events, Russia’s attacks on the capital city of Kyiv are noteworthy.  

On Monday night, the Russian Army is said to have fired as many as 18 missiles and ten drones on the capital city of Kyiv in two hours. It included six ‘Kinzal hypersonic missiles, nine cruise missiles and three S-400 missiles. The Russian Defense Ministry informed that the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles targeted the US Patriot system. It is said to be the second instance of Russia targeting a Patriot system with a hypersonic missile.  

The missiles were followed by Iran’s suicide Shahed drones. It is said to have caused major damage to the infrastructure in Kyiv, including civilian settlements. It is the eighth time the capital, Kyiv, has been attacked in May. The attacks are seen as a slap in the face to the West, which has questioned Russia’s defence capabilities and claimed these have declined. Ukrainian agencies informed that Russian planes and drones carried out surveillance of the capital city of Kyiv after the attacks.  

While attacking the capital city of Kyiv, Russia said it had given a befitting response to the Ukrainian attacks. In the last 48 hours, Russia has shot down 22 Ukrainian drones, according to the Russian Defence Ministry. Russia also stated that it had successfully destroyed the advanced ‘Storm Shadow’ missiles that the UK supplied to Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry said it had shot down seven UK missiles.  

China’s special envoy Li Hui has arrived in Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. Hui is visiting Ukraine as part of China’s ongoing efforts for Russia-Ukraine peace talks, after which he will also visit Poland, France and Germany. 

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