Russian missiles rain down on Kyiv, Odesa and central Ukraine 

Russian missiles rain down on Kyiv, Odesa and central Ukraine 

Moscow/Kyiv: While Ukraine’s counteroffensive campaign has been prolonged, Russia seems to have made its offensive more aggressive and comprehensive. On Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, Russian forces targeted the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, along with Odesa and three provinces in central Ukraine. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, these areas were targeted with cruise missiles and drones. The Defence Ministry spokesperson also claimed that the Russian military had achieved its objectives in the attack.  

central UkraineIn the past few days, the media reported that the Russian defence forces were receiving blows on the Ukrainian front. Despite these setbacks, Russia’s escalation of attacks in Ukraine is noteworthy. Russia appeared to have paused its missile attacks in the past few months. However, Russia has intensified missile and drone attacks since the beginning of May. The attack on the capital Kyiv on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning was the ninth missile and drone attack this month.  

Around 9:30 on Wednesday night, attack sirens began to sound in Kyiv. Missiles and drones continued to hit Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine until 5:30 am on Thursday, Ukrainian authorities said. It is also said that Russia has used warships, bombers and missile systems deployed with the military for missile attacks. Ukraine informed that the attacks were carried out with the help of ‘KH-101’, ‘KH-555’, Caliber and Iskander missiles.  

Russia’s Defence Ministry said that the Russian military managed to destroy all its planned targets in the strikes on Wednesday night. Russia also claimed that a large amount of weapons stockpiles and other equipment of the Ukrainian defence forces were destroyed. On the other hand, Ukraine has denied the claims, citing damage to buildings and infrastructure in civilian settlements.  

Earlier, Russian forces had targeted the capital Kyiv on Monday night. As many as 18 missiles and ten drones were fired at Kyiv. It included six Kinzal hypersonic missiles, nine cruise missiles and three S-400 missiles. The Russian Defense Ministry had informed that the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles targeted the US Patriot missile defence system, which the US had also acknowledged.  

The rise in Russian attacks is said to be aimed at destroying the capabilities of Ukraine’s air defence systems and thwarting Ukraine’s planned counteroffensive. While these attacks are ongoing, Russia has announced that the ‘Grain Deal’ with Ukraine is being extended by 60 days. 

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