Ukraine hits naval base in Crimea with missiles & sea drones

Ukraine hits naval base in Crimea with missiles & sea drones

Moscow/Kyiv: Ukraine attacked Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea on Tuesday night. During this period, Ukraine has used missiles and sea drones. In this attack, a fire broke out in the shipyard along with the Russian naval base. Besides these attacks are also claimed to have damaged two Russian warships. Amidst Ukraine’s ongoing attacks on Crimea, Russia’s Defence Ministry shared information about targeting the ‘Izmail River Port’ built on the Danube River.

Moreover, the anti-Russian counter-offensive is not achieving much success even though Ukraine appears to be increasing the intensity of attacks on Russian territory. Ukraine has continuously targeted the Russian border region, Crimea, and the capital, Moscow, for the past few months. It includes terrorist attacks as well as drone attacks and missile attacks. On Saturday, information was coming to light about a major explosion at a Russian base in Crimea province. After this, Russia foiled an attempt to launch a drone attack on Crimea province on Sunday. Later, Ukraine provided information about capturing Russian oil and gas platforms like ‘Boyko Tower’ in the Black Sea region.

On Tuesday night, Ukraine dealt a major blow by targeting Russia’s naval base. Ukraine targeted the ‘Black Sea Fleet’ located in Sevastopol, Crimea. A total of 10 missiles are said to have been fired at that time. It is said to include ‘Storm Shadow’ provided by the United Kingdom and ‘SCALP’ missiles supplied by France. The range of these missiles is considered to be around 250 kilometres.

Furthermore, Ukraine is reportedly carrying out this missile attack with fighter planes. Besides, it has also come to light that three sea drones were used in this attack. In this attack, photos have emerged of a huge fire breaking out at the shipyard of the Russian naval base. Russia’s ‘Minsk’ warship and another warship are said to have been damaged in this. This attack by Ukraine on Crimea is said to be the biggest attack, and this is the first time that Ukraine has used fighter planes to target Crimea.

A few days ago, US entrepreneur Elon Musk claimed that he had stopped the attack on Crimea by blocking the Starlink Satellite Network service. There was a strong reaction from Ukraine on this. Ukraine’s attack on Russia’s naval base in Crimea, launched a few days after that, is noteworthy. This new attack by Ukraine is increasing Russia’s concern. Anger is being expressed over this attack within Russia, and military bloggers have also expressed their displeasure.

Meanwhile, amid these attacks on Crimea, Russia targeted the ‘Izmail’ port built on the Danube River in Ukraine. About 44 drones hit this port on Tuesday night. Due to this attack, there was huge damage to the basic facilities of Izmail. It is the fifth drone attack on Izmail port this month. Ukraine has also stated that it has destroyed more than 30 drones due to this Russian drone attack.


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