Russia attacks Odesa, Kherson and Kryvyi Rih

Russia attacks Odesa, Kherson and Kryvyi Rih
Moscow/Kyiv: Russia has again launched a major drone attack on Ukraine’s Danube River port. In this attack on Thursday, Russia targeted Izmail Port in Odesa province. It is the fourth drone attack on Izmail port in the last five days. Ukraine provided information about drone attacks in Odesa, Mykolaiv and Sumy provinces. Apart from this, Ukraine has stated that there were many casualties in the missile attack by Russia in Kherson and Kryvyi Rih region.
Moreover, Ukraine carried out five drone strikes on Thursday in the Bryansk and Rostov regions and the capital, Moscow. Suicide drones were used for the attacks. Besides, the area of the headquarters of Russia’s ‘Southern Military District’ in Rostov-on-Don was targeted. Russia responded to these attacks by Ukraine through drone and missile attacks.
Russia launched heavy drone attacks on Odesa, Mykolaiv and Sumy provinces. The Izmail River Port, located on the Danube River in Odessa province, was targeted too. A total of 20 drones are said to be used for this. There is talk of damage to port infrastructure and government buildings in this drone attack. The Ukrainian official also claimed that grain reserves were lost in the Russian attack. It is the fourth attack on Izmail port in the last five days.
In July, Russia had announced its withdrawal from the ‘Grain Deal’. Russian President Vladimir Putin had alleged that only Ukraine and European countries benefited from this agreement and did not follow through on the promises made to Russia. For this reason, Russia has started targeting Ukraine’s grain exports and the drone attacks on the river port are said to be a part of this action. On Sunday, Russia attacked Reni Port. After this, the Izmail port has been targeted four times.
After the ports of Odesa, Russia has also carried out drone attacks in Sumy and Mykolaiv provinces and about ten drones are said to be used for this. Ukraine shared information about damage to some buildings in these attacks. After the drone attacks, Russia launched missile attacks in Kherson in southern Ukraine and Kryvyi Rih region in central Ukraine. Four people were reported killed and about 50 injured in these attacks.
Meanwhile, top US entrepreneur Elon Musk has claimed to have stopped Ukraine from carrying out a major attack last year. Musk made the statement while responding to this claim in a book written on him. Last year, Ukraine was preparing for a surprise attack on Russian warships in Sevastopol, Crimea. For this, the Ukrainian government had requested Musk to provide ‘Starlink Satellite Communication Service’ at the last moment. But, by rejecting this request, Musk had postponed providing the described satellite service.
Mixed reactions have started emerging on this claim of Musk. Ukrainian officials have criticized Musk and accused him of being arrogant. Ukrainian officials also alleged that due to Musk’s mistake, many Ukrainian citizens have lost their lives. At the same time, some people on social media also claimed that Elon Musk has postponed the Third World War.
The intensity of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is increasing. Meanwhile, the United States has announced providing Ukraine with $600 million in defence aid. It includes the ‘HIMARS Rocket System’ along with air defence, electronic warfare, and anti-mining systems. Meanwhile, it is said that the United States has provided arms aid worth about $45 billion to Ukraine.

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