US deploys another aircraft carrier to Mediterranean Sea to counter Iran-Hezbollah

US deploys another aircraft carrier to Mediterranean Sea to counter Iran-Hezbollah

Washington/Tel Aviv: Another US aircraft carrier ‘USS D. Dwight Eisenhower’ will be deployed east of the Mediterranean Sea. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made the announcement. Earlier, the United States deployed the aircraft carrier ‘USS Gerald Ford’ with its fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. The deployment of these two warships has increased the pressure on Iran and Hezbollah, which are threatening to enter the war started by Israel against Hamas. This US deployment will provide huge strategic benefits to the Israeli Defense Forces. 

US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The US leader talked to the Palestinian President for the first time after Hamas attacked Israel. During the discussion, President Biden proposed to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza with the cooperation of the United Nations, Egypt and Jordan. After this, the US President also spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the discussion with these two leaders, the United States claimed that President Biden will try to ensure that the current conflict does not become more intense. The US President also clarified that Hamas, which carried out inhumane attacks on Israel, does not represent the Palestinian people. President Biden has also expressed concern that Hamas terrorists are fighting with children in front. While criticising Hamas, the US President seems to be trying to do this while also saying that the Palestinian people in Gaza must receive humanitarian aid.

Israel has made major preparations to take military action on Gaza and claims are being made that Israeli soldiers will start this action soon. However, if the Israeli army enters Gaza, this terrorist organisation has threatened that Hezbollah will attack Israel from the Lebanese border. Iran is also warning Israel against this. Iran is making great efforts to get help from other countries in the Middle East to open a front against Israel. 

Recently, the United States deployed its huge aircraft carrier warship ‘USS Ford’ towards the Mediterranean Sea to warn groups and countries preparing to attack Israel along with Iran and the Iran-linked terrorist organisation Hezbollah. By deploying ‘USS Eisenhower’ to this region, the United States has underscored that the warning not to enter the war against Israel is not hollow. These warships are like floating military bases equipped with advanced missiles with precision attack capability. With the help of advanced fighter planes on these warships, it is possible to carry out massive attacks that can turn any organisation and country into ashes. The United States seems to signal Iran and pro-Iran organisations and countries to take decisions against Israel only after being prepared for such destruction.  

However, along with this deployment, the United States has prepared to take the initiative to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza to create a political balance. However, regardless of these activities of the United States, if Hezbollah and Iran, which is controlling the militant outfit, attack Israel, it could spark a world war in the Middle East, warned analysts. The experts have further said that Iran will not take this risk without getting full support from countries like China and Russia simultaneously. However, Russia has indicated that it will not go against Israel in this war by condemning the attack by Hamas on Israel. For this reason, some observers have expressed that countries are likely hesitating to stand up against Iranian and Israeli citizens.