US destroyer in Red Sea shoots down missiles fired at Israel from Yemen

US destroyer in Red Sea shoots down missiles fired at Israel from Yemen

Washington: Israel’s army is preparing to take anti-Hamas action in the Gaza Strip, while Yemen’s Houthi rebels are seen opening a new front against Israel. On Thursday, Houthi rebels launched missile and drone attacks from Yemen towards Israel. However, the US destroyer deployed in this area successfully shot down these missiles and drones. Brigadier General Pat Ryder, the US Defense Department Pentagon spokesperson, shared such information. Ryder announced that the United States is ready to stop attacks on Israel and its interests. Meanwhile, given the increasing threat from Iran and Hezbollah, Israel has deployed submarines in the Middle East.

Last week, Israel began responding to the horrific attack by Hamas terrorists through air strikes. Also, Israel had announced to soon destroy this terrorist organisation by landing its army in the Gaza Strip and killing the leaders of Hamas. Then Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iraq’s Kataib Hezbollah and other terrorist organisations and Yemen’s Houthi rebels threatened to attack Israel from all sides. Hezbollah terrorists had opened a new front by launching rockets and missile attacks from Lebanon to the north of Israel. Besides, there were reports that Syria’s terrorist organisation linked to Iran was also preparing to attack Israel. 

On Thursday, Yemen’s Houthi rebels expanded the scope of this conflict by firing missiles at Israel. Pentagon spokesperson Ryder shared information that the Houthis had fired three cruise missiles and some drones. All these missiles and drones were likely headed towards Israel. For this reason, the US destroyer ‘USS Carney’, patrolling the Red Sea area, shot down Houthi rebels’ missiles with the air defence system’s help. Ryder said that the destroyer was deployed in the Red Sea following orders from US President Joe Biden. Ryder stated that this deployment is for the maritime traffic going through this region, the interests of the United States and friendly countries, and the security of Israel. 

Furthermore, Israel has accused Iran of secretly supporting the terrorist attacks on Israel for the last fourteen days. Iran has rejected its responsibility. However, sensing the threat from Iran, Hezbollah, and Iran-linked terrorist organisations in the coming days, Israel has deployed submarines in the Middle East. The details of which submarines Israel has deployed, when and where have not been revealed. However, with the deployment of this submarine, Israel has challenged Iran and its associated terrorist organisations.

Meanwhile, Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthi, terrorist organisations linked to Iran, have started attacking Israel. There is a strong response from Israel and the United States to the attacks of these terrorist organisations. Yet Iran will not be directly involved in this anti-Israel conflict. Iran will try to avoid the anti-Israel conflict by supporting these terrorist organisations, a London-based analyst of Iranian descent has claimed.



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