Israeli army encircles Gaza, splits it into two

Tel Aviv – Israeli security forces attacked 450 Hamas positions in Gaza in the last 24 hours. In this, along with Hamas terrorists, tunnel networks and military bases have been targeted. At the same time, the Israeli army has surrounded Gaza City and has taken steps towards executing the plan to divide Gaza into two. Besides, Israeli security forces say that this will make it easier to take action against Hamas. Meanwhile, there are reports that the Israeli army will soon enter Gaza City.

Hamas, Israeli army encircles Gaza, splits it into two

Moreover, Israeli security forces took action in Gaza on Monday and destroyed 450 Hamas positions. Also, Israel has announced that Hamas’s security chief, Jamal Musa, has been killed in their strikes. The Israeli military has also shared information about the capture of the military base built by Hamas in Gaza, from where Israel was being monitored and rocket attacks were being launched on it. In addition, Israel has informed that Hamas terrorists were being trained in the tunnel constructed therein.

Furthermore, the Israeli army has besieged Gaza City, the centre of the Gaza Strip, and it is being said that the Israeli army will enter Gaza City at any moment and attack Hamas directly. The Western countries had warned that it would not be easy for the Israeli military to carry out this action since Gaza City is the centre of Hamas. Former US military officials had also warned Israel that Hamas might be waiting for these attacks by Israel and that Hamas might have set up traps for the Israeli army. However, the Israeli security forces again clarified that Israel had completed preparations for this attack.

Nonetheless, Israeli leaders and military officials also admit that they will have to suffer losses in this war. Despite this, Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders are saying with great determination that the Israeli people are unanimous in carrying out the necessary attacks to eliminate Hamas, and Israel will not stop without carrying out this action. He further said that Israel has not started this war; it is Hamas that has begun this savage war by brutally torturing innocent Israeli civilians, women and children. Prime Minister Netanyahu says that this war will end with the destruction of Hamas.

Meanwhile, Hamas had claimed that an Israeli attack on a refugee camp in Gaza killed 33 people. At the same time, the Hamas agencies informed that the death toll in the Israeli attack on Gaza has reached 10,000 and that there are a large number of children among them. The echoes are being heard across the world, and the demand that Israel should immediately stop these attacks on the lives of Palestinian people in Gaza is gaining momentum. United Nations also passed a resolution on this demand. Registering this, the US also demands that Israel stop these attacks for some time. However, Israel has adopted a firm stance that it will not allow Hamas to take advantage of the ceasefire.


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