US Defense Secretary warns Israel regarding war against Hamas

US Defense Secretary warns Israel regarding war against Hamas

Tel Aviv/Washington – After the end of the ceasefire, Israel has significantly increased the intensity of the ongoing attacks on Hamas. Besides, the Israeli Prime Minister has declared now that the war will end after the destruction of Hamas. Nonetheless, the US Defense Secretary has warned Israel on this issue. In addition, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has said a tactical victory against Hamas would transform into a strategic defeat. The United States had given such warnings to Israel even in the past.

Additionally, the Israeli army has discovered about 800 Hamas tunnels in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) informed that they had destroyed 500 of these tunnels. Also, Israel has shared information that a Hamas battalion commander, who played a key role in the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, has been killed. At the same time, Israel has again reported that Khan Yunis of Gaza is under heavy attack by the Israeli Defense Forces, and local relocation should be made. Amid the attacks on Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces, another reaction of the US has come to light.

Furthermore, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has advised Israel that it can win in urban warfare only by protecting civilians. Civilians are being killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza to destroy Hamas, and it is completely going against Israel. Thus, the US Defence Secretary claimed that even if Israel wins the war against Hamas, Israel will replace the tactical victory with a strategic defeat. US Defense Secretary warns Israel regarding anti-Hamas warAustin also said that these attacks will further increase anti-Israel hatred among the people of Gaza, and it will ultimately benefit Hamas.

Earlier, some former US military officers had given such warnings to Israel on the issue of military action in Gaza. Moreover, US President Biden had advised Israel to take a lesson from the wars initiated by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and not make the mistake of deploying troops in Gaza. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had also warned Israel to take care that the people of Gaza are not crushed while attacking Hamas.

However, the Israeli leaders have explicitly indicated that they will not stop the war without fully eliminating Hamas by entirely ignoring US claims. At the same time, Israel has recalled that Hamas, which killed 1,200 Israelis and abducted hundreds of Israelis in a deadly terror attack on October 7, had started a war. The Israeli leaders are also drawing attention to the issue that Hamas terrorists are attacking Israel under the shield of the people of Gaza, and that is why people are being killed in Israel’s ongoing retaliatory attacks. At the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister had also warned the Westerners that despite Israel being the target of Hamas in the war at present, this war will not stop short of extending to the Western countries in the future.



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