Sharp differences emerge between Israel and Hamas over ceasefire

Sharp differences emerge between Israel and Hamas over ceasefire

Tel Aviv – The four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is on the verge of ending, and at the same time, there is a strong effort to extend the ceasefire. However, Israel and Hamas have not yet reached an agreement on this issue. Besides, Hamas has released 58 Israeli nationals held hostage in the last three days, and Israel has released 117 Hamas prisoners in exchange. However, the next phase of talks has not been successful at present. Thus, there is a possibility of a four-day ceasefire to end. In addition, Palestinian diplomats have called on all countries to try to extend the ceasefire as Israel’s fierce attacks in Gaza appear to resume.

Israel-Hamas sharp differences over ceasefireBy Monday night, Israel and Hamas were discussing the issue of releasing prisoners along with hostage-held civilians. Moreover, discussions have begun about the ceasefire ending due to a lack of agreement. Qatar and Egypt continue efforts to extend the truce. However, the Israeli government has demanded that Hamas release 50 of its abducted nationals by Monday night. Besides, reports have emerged that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached Gaza amid the ongoing discussion on the ceasefire issue. Furthermore, Netanyahu met Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza to boost their morale. Earlier, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also reached Gaza and held talks with Israeli soldiers.

Meanwhile, the meeting of the abducted Israeli nationals with their families after their release from Hamas captivity has become a major topic of discussion in the media. At the same time, the media has also started releasing information about the experience of hostages while in detention. This has caused a new wave of anger against Hamas, and the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces have demanded their government to end the ceasefire and resume action against Hamas. As a result, if the truce does not extend, there are clear indications that Israel will attack Hamas bases in Gaza more intensely.

Furthermore, the Israeli leaders say with great confidence that ‘A ceasefire with Hamas does not mean an end to the war. After a while, Israel will not rest until it resumes the military operations required for the destruction of Hamas.’ Prime Minister Netanyahu had made such a statement before the ceasefire too.




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