CIA and Mossad chiefs meet in Qatar

CIA and Mossad chiefs meet in Qatar

Doha – The meeting between the chiefs of the US and Israeli intelligence agencies in Qatar has drawn media attention across the world. The two countries have not shared any specific information about this discussion. However, the US media has claimed that CIA chief William Burns is in talks with Mossad chief David Barnea to extend the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Also, US news agencies are raising the issue that Hamas has not yet released US hostages from its custody. Therefore, the news agencies have claimed that the ceasefire is necessary for the safety of US citizens, and for this, the CIA chief is in discussion with the head of Mossad.

Moreover, Qatari officials, including CIA chief Burns and Mossad chief Barnea, are also engaged in discussions. CIA and Mossad chiefs meet in QatarBesides, it was said before the talks began that Burns would raise the issue of extending the ceasefire as well as controlling Israel’s action on Gaza. Israel, which has been attacking Hamas positions in the northern part of Gaza, started attacking the southern part of Gaza after some time. Due to this, there were claims that the situation of the people of Gaza, who flee from north to south to save their lives, worsens. Taking cognisance of this, the US had demanded Israel not to attack the southern part of Gaza.

However, Israel had alleged that Hamas terrorists were entering southern Gaza from the north along with the Gaza people and were preparing to flee to Egypt after crossing the Rafah border. Nonetheless, Israel says that the attacks are necessary to target these terrorists. Therefore, there were indications that Israel’s Mossad chief would strongly raise this issue in the meeting with the CIA chief. Also, it will not be possible to extend the ceasefire indefinitely. There have been discussions that the Mossad chief will also bring to everyone’s notice in this meeting that Hamas would be able to carry out new attacks on Israel, taking advantage of it. Thus, Israel will have to carry out fresh attacks on Hamas terrorists.

CIA and Mossad chiefs meet in QatarEarlier, the Mossad chief had expressed concern that due to international pressure, a ceasefire with Hamas would have to be adopted. Even if a truce has to be signed for the release of the abducted civilians, the Israeli government’s stance is that the ceasefire will not be able to last long in the coming days considering the security of Israel. Furthermore, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) officials are calling on Prime Minister Netanyahu to end the truce. At the same time, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has urged Prime Minister Netanyahu not to care about international pressure. In such a situation, Burns and Barnea’s meeting in Doha, the capital of Qatar, has gained great significance.

Besides, the United States has declared that Hamas has not put pressure on them on the issue of the release of US citizens abducted before this meeting. In other words, the US has delivered the message that Hamas is ready for talks and eager to extend the ceasefire. At the same time, the US wants to send a message that Israel is becoming an obstacle in the path of ceasefire. It is claimed that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will also visit Israel soon to extend the truce. Because of this, the differences between the US and Israel on the issue of ceasefire seem to become more acutely visible to the world.



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