Chinese regime detains 70 Rocket Force men on suspicion of spying for US

- a Canadian think tank claims

Chinese regime detains 70 Rocket Force men on suspicion of spying for US

Hong Kong – The session of arrests of the leaders of the Chinese Communist regime and officers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is not over yet. Besides, the Chinese government has arrested at least 70 people from the Chinese army’s most important Rocket Force. Nonetheless, a Canadian think tank said that officials of the Rocket Force provided information related to the Chinese missiles to the US and have been arrested under charges of treason. At the same time, the think tank also claimed that the case was linked to former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang.

Chinese regime detains seventy Rocket Force men on suspicion of spying for USIn addition, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia in March and met President Vladimir Putin. During the visit, it was reported that President Putin had shared that the then-Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang was engaged in providing Chinese intelligence to the US. Foreign Minister Qin Gang went missing in public since June 25. A few days later, the head of China’s Rocket Force, General Li Yuchao, was arrested.

Moreover, the Chinese government announced the removal of Foreign Minister Qin Gang from office after hiding information about his sudden disappearance for a whole month. However, Qin Gang has not been visible to anyone for the last five months. Also, reports surfaced that there was an arrest of at least 70 people belonging to China’s Rocket Force. These are claimed to include officers in every post related to the Rocket Force of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Furthermore, the Chinese Communist regime, known for opaque trade, did not publicise the information about these activities. Chinese regime detains seventy Rocket Force men on suspicion of spying for USHowever, according to data published by the Canada-based think tank, the 70 people arrested have been charged for spying for the US. These officials have been accused of providing information about China’s missiles to the US, though this information has not yet been confirmed. However, the importance of this Rocket Force in China’s planning to attack Taiwan is understood to be of great importance. Because of this, the news of the arrest becomes noteworthy.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that the Chinese regime may sentence to death Foreign Minister Qin Gang, accusing him of treason. Since last year, there have been discussions about President Xi Jinping talking about taking strict action against the Qin Gang-like senior leaders and officials of Communist regime and military. Earlier, reports of an attempt to overthrow President Xi Jinping’s government had been published. However, by defeating his rivals, President Xi Jinping appears to have succeeded in keeping China’s power in his hands.




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