Ecuador declares state of emergency after gang war erupts

Ecuador declares state of emergency after gang war erupts

Quito – Chaos has spread in Ecuador, a Latin American country known for drug trafficking. Ecuador is in chaos after a notorious gang leader and major drug trafficker escaped from prison. Hence, President Daniel Noboa has declared a nationwide state of emergency. Besides, there is a war between drug trafficking gangs, due to which ten people have died. Also, there were claims of two policemen being among the dead. In addition, these criminal gangs had taken over police stations and news channels in various cities of Ecuador.

In the last few months, President Daniel Noboa has taken swift steps to stop drug trafficking in Ecuador. Ecuador declares state of emergency after fierce gang war eruptsInformation had come to light that the heads or big leaders of the gangs involved in this were arrested and locked up in various jails in the country. Besides, there were reports of strict action against the smugglers and their chiefs. However, this did not have much effect on the initial smuggling of narcotics into Ecuador. Nonetheless, President Noboa and the Ecuadorian police force were on the hitlist of these smugglers.

On Monday, Adolfo Macias alias Fito, the leader of the notorious Los Choneros gang, managed to escape from the captivity of the Ecuadorian security agencies. This led to clashes between Los Choneros and other gangs in various cities of Ecuador. Ten people have been killed during this period, and eight of them are smugglers while two are policemen. Additionally, police personnel have been brutally murdered. Ecuador declares state of emergency after fierce gang war eruptsIn some cities, there have been reports of smugglers and gangs attacking police stations and holding the police hostage.

At the same time, some people had entered the building of the news channel TC Television with rifles and grenades in the city of Guayaquil. These attackers had carried out this act during the live streaming and stopped the programme by showing rifles and grenades. After this, photographs of the hostages of the studio employees were released by this gang.

Moreover, the Ecuadorian military swiftly arrested 13 armed men and released all staff of the news channel. Ecuador declares state of emergency after fierce gang war eruptsEcuador’s head of state Noboa has also declared 22 gangs in Ecuador as terrorist organisations following the activities that took place in the last 24 hours.

Furthermore, there are claims that this conflict started in Ecuador will not end soon because a new conflict may begin in the near future between President Noboa and the gangs who are campaigning against drug trafficking in Ecuador. A gang war has also raged in major cities and villages in Ecuador in the past two days, and there have been talks of kidnapping a total of 139 soldiers by these gangs so far. This conflict is also expected to be more intense in the coming time.

Meanwhile, in the background of this conflict that began in Ecuador, China has decided to close its embassy for some time. Apart from this, the United States and the West have stated that they are paying attention to the situation in Ecuador.



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