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Race for Hypersonic missiles is an indication of a new Cold War, warns former US defense advisor

Washington – Former US defense advisor Philip Coyle warned that the competition to acquire hypersonic missiles among the leading nations in the world is an indication of a new Cold War. Coyle also claimed that the hypersonic missiles preparedness of several countries can render the United States’ anti-missile defense systems ineffective. He also expressed concern that these newer and faster missiles have also increased the nuclear threat further.

While talking to a daily from the UK, the former US defense advisor Philip Coyle gave indications about the increasing use of hypersonic missiles across the globe. ‘If an intercontinental missile can cover a distance in 35 minutes, the hypersonic missile can cover the same distance in 20 minutes. Like the Intercontinental or the cruise missiles, these missiles also have the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead,’ Coyle expressed the dangers of the hypersonic missiles in these words.

Coyle also pointed out that the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead is the most dangerous feature of the hypersonic missiles.

Hypersonic missilesThe United States, Russia and China have reached the last phase of development of the hypersonic missiles. It is claimed that these missiles, capable of reaching speeds of Mach-5 to Mach-10, i.e. about 25,000 kilometres/hour, will increase the combat strength of the United States, Russia and China. These missiles have a capability to destroy the enemy missiles in the air within just seconds.

X-51 Waverider and Falcon are the two hypersonic missiles developed by the United States and their tests have also been completed. After testing the hypersonic missiles KH-90 and KH-80, Russia has developed the new ‘Zircon’ hypersonic missile. China is developing the DF-ZF hypersonic missile which is capable of dodging the missile defense systems and targeting the US aircraft carriers.

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