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UK stands resolute with the US over INF Treaty pull out while France and Germany back Russia

New York: The British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson endorsed the United States’ decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty saying, “The United States has delivered the right message to Russia by withdrawing from the ‘Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces’ (INF) Treaty”. British Defence Minister Williamson fired a salvo of criticism at Russia saying that the country had repeatedly offended the United States by violating the treaty.

INF Treaty, withdraw, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, Russia, aggressive activities, world war 3, France, Germany, Heiko Maas‘The United States is a close and long-term UK-ally, and we stand absolutely resolute with them in the decision. It would have been better if the memorandum of understanding had continued. However, it was necessary to pull out from the treaty so as to deliver a clear message to Russia,’ said the British Defence Minister.

The British Defence Minister, who is on a visit to the United States held Russia responsible for the US decision. ‘We, of course, want to see this treaty continue to stand but it does require both the parties to be committed to it, and at the moment you have one party that is ignoring it. It is Russia that is in breach and it is Russia that needs to get its house in order,’ advised the British Defence Minister.

Some of the senators from the ruling Republican Party welcomed President Donald Trump’s decision. Senator Tom Cotton said that the US President had taken the right decision to warn Russia against its aggressive activities. Even so, the detractors of President Trump have severely castigated the decision.

France and Germany support Russia’s stand over the US pull out from the INF Treaty

INF Treaty, withdraw, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, Russia, aggressive activities, world war 3, France, Germany, Heiko MaasBerlin / Paris: France and Germany have issued a warning regarding the US President Donald Trump’s decision about the pull out from the INF Treaty. French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that the INF treaty was very important from the point of view of European security, as it was also for Russia. Whereas, the German Foreign Minister has warned the United States that it should be prepared for the ensuing fallout of the decision to withdraw.

France and Germany responded over the INF Treaty pull out saying that the treaty had not only banned nuclear testing but also was critical from the point of view of European security. Saying that the INF was an important mainstay of the European security, French President Macron indicated that the continent’s security could be under a threat due to the US withdrawal from the treaty.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has warned the United States to be prepared for the consequences of its decision.


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