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US imposes fresh sanctions against Cuba for cooperation with Venezuela’s Maduro regime

Washington/Havana: US National Security Advisor John Bolton announced fresh sanctions against Cuba saying, ‘Under the Trump administration, we don’t throw dictators lifelines. We take them away’. As per the new sanctions, Cuban citizens living in the United States will be allowed to take legal actions against companies helping the Cuban government. However, Canada and the European Union has expressed strong displeasure over the US announcement.

Cuba, cooperation with Maduro regime, John Bolton, sanctions, legal actions, wprld war 3, US, Venezuela, RussiaThere is severe discontent against the Maduro government in Venezuela, and many countries including the United States have rejected recognition of his regime. At the same time, countries such as Russia and Cuba are providing massive assistance to Venezuela. The Maduro government is believed to have stayed in power in the state solely on the strength of the aid. The United States has already warned Russia and China, to stop meddling in Venezuelan affairs.

Now the United States is targeting Cuba and is directing efforts towards stopping the Cuban aid to Venezuela. Bolton’s announcement during a function in Miami is part of the same struggle. The US National Security Advisor clarified that the US citizens, whose properties the Cuban government had forcibly taken away, can file a legal petition against the state. It also includes the Cuban companies that are helping its government.

A sharp reaction emerged from the European Union (EU) against the US announcement as European companies have also been included in the list of Cuban companies. Furthermore, the EU warned the US that if they permitted prosecution, the EU would allow a similar action against the companies from the United States as well. Even the Canadian Foreign Ministry issued a statement denouncing the move.

President Barack Obama, who was in power before President Trump had initiated efforts to improve relations with Cuba. He had withdrawn certain US sanctions against Cuba.

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