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Israel declares to launch powerful counter-attack in response to 450 rocket attacks from Gaza

Jerusalem – ‘In the last 24 hours, the terrorist organisations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip have launched a barrage of more than 450 rockets into Israel claiming the lives of three Israeli citizens. In retaliation to the attacks, the Israel military hit some 260 locations of the terror groups with air strikes. A Hamas leader who was coordinating with Iran was killed in an air raid. Nevertheless, the action will not stop here. Israel will deliver a forceful retaliation in response to the attacks from Gaza,’ warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel, counter-attack, Benjamin Netanyahu, terrorist organisations, forceful retaliation, ww3, Gaza, Iran Despite an appeal from Egypt, the balloon and kite bomb attacks against Israeli border areas from Gaza are continuing. On Saturday, both the terrorist organisations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, showered rockets in the Israeli border areas as also in the principal cities, violating the ceasefire. As per the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and the international organisations, more than 450 rockets were launched into Israel till Sunday afternoon. The highest number of missiles targeted the cities of Ashkelon and Beersheba. Furthermore, the terrorists reportedly used the anti-tank missiles to target the civilian vehicles in Israel. The strikes even hit the railway tracks in Ashkelon as also three civilians were killed in the attacks.

The rocket siren alarms were heard in the kibbutzim of Zikim, Karmia, Yad Mordechai and moshavim of Netiv HaAsara, Nir Am and Sderot as well. The Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system is said to have neutralised 90% of the rockets. Even so, the intensity of the rocket attacks from Gaza has risen according to the media. In the wake of the attacks, the Israeli security agencies have moved thousands of civilians to safe places and the army deployed at the border has been ordered to be prepared for any eventuality.

On Sunday during a security cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the attacks on Gaza would be significantly intensified. Netanyahu has instructed the Israeli soldiers not to show leniency while striking the terrorist locations. Simultaneously, the military deployment at the border was increased. In the last few hours, a large contingent of tanks and artillery reached the Gaza border. Thus, Israel is possibly preparing for an invasion into the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, the Israeli security agencies claimed that a senior commander affiliated to Iran was killed during the Israeli airstrikes. Hamed Hamdan al-Khodari, who was reported directly to Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar and who was responsible for getting funding from Iran, was killed in the Israeli action on Sunday.

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