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US-China trade talks fail, US issues month’s ultimatum to China for trade deal or face fresh tariffs

Washington – Despite US President Donald Trump raising tariffs on the Chinese goods worth $200 billion, China’s efforts to reach a solution on the trade war appear to have failed. The Chinese delegation that had arrived in the United States for trade discussions has returned to China with the renewed threat of fresh tariffs. Furthermore, President Trump has asserted to impose tariffs on all products imported from China and has given Beijing a timeline of one month to fall in line.

Only two days ago, as he warned to intensify the trade war, President Trump stated that China had violated the trade agreement with the US and would have to bear its consequences. Although the US President issued the warning, a Chinese delegation led by Vice Premier Liu He, arrived in the United States for negotiations on the trade war. However, the delegation’s visit is said only to demonstrate China’s helplessness in the situation.

Nevertheless, defeated due to Trump’s tariffs, China is left with no other alternative but to enter into a trade deal with the United States. Therefore, China is consistently pursuing efforts to hold trade talks with the United States, despite the warnings for new tariffs, and ongoing action for imposing sanctions as also for an entry ban on the Chinese companies. On the other hand, US President Trump wants to reduce the trade deficit with China while also getting the country to accept the terms that would be beneficial for the US industry.

President Trump has prepared to target the entire range of Chinese goods being imported into the US to achieve the objective. Also, his statements over the past few days indicate that he does not pay any heed to the tariffs China has imposed or any other action initiated by them. Despite being aware of the Chinese delegation’s visit for trade discussions, Trump issued instructions to raise tariffs to 25% on Chinese goods worth $200 billion. Additionally, he accused China of violating the trade agreement and asserted imposing tariffs on the entire range of Chinese products being imported even though trade talks were underway.

What’s more is that despite the aggressive US stance, the Chinese delegation has adopted a soft stance and declared to be willing to resolve any obstacles in the completion of the trade deal. Moreover, the Chinese response is considered surprising while demonstrating that Trump’s firm stance is attaining success.

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