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Will not surrender to the United States, even if our land is bombed: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Tehran: “We do not withdraw from independence and dignity under the US pressures and sanctions even if our land is bombed,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced. ‘Likewise, the Iranian people need to prepare to brace for assaults such that it has never before experienced’, announced the Iranian President. On the other hand, President Donald Trump has announced that the United States wants to have a dialogue with Iran, and was not keen on war.

Iranian politicians, as well as military officials, have indicated targeting the United States, as also Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel for the last few days. Only a few hours ago, a senior official of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had stated that Iran had complete control over the Persian Gulf. Also, the US warships in the marine region can’t affect Iran in any way, he asserted.

Within a few hours of the statement, Iranian President Rouhani launched a barrage of criticism on the US while speaking at an event on Friday. He appealed to Iran’s public saying, “The United States is preparing to corner the people of Iran by sanctioning medical supplies and vital resources. The Iranian populace should not give in to the US pressures but should forcefully retaliate to them. If the US launched bomb attacks on us, causing injury or death or the arrest of our children, it doesn’t matter. In any case, do not hand over our independence and dignity to the US whatsoever”.

During the event, Iranian President Rouhani said that “To sacrifice is the Iranian tradition and that alone is necessary for the development of the nation. Furthermore, the people of Iran are required to take a strong stand against the US sanctions”. He declared that Iran was capable of defeating the US, its Mideast allies and Israel by itself. The statements of the Iranian President, who is recognised as a liberal, appear to indicate his unwillingness for any negotiations. A possible dialogue between the US and Iran is, therefore, not in sight.

In the interim, Hezbollah and other groups had threatened a few days ago that if Iran was invaded by the US, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the Iran-backed terrorist organisations in Gaza would also step into the conflict to join forces with Iran.

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