US-NATO will destroy the Russian military if Moscow launches a nuclear attack on Ukraine

- Former CIA chief David Petraeus

Washington: The former head of the CIA, David Petraeus, threatened that the US and NATO would destroy the Russian military if President Vladimir Putin launched a nuclear attack on Ukraine. ‘Although Ukraine is still not a member of NATO, the consequences of Russia’s nuclear attack on Ukraine will be borne by NATO members. Therefore, the US and NATO can take action against Russia’s nuclear attack,’ Petraeus warned. David Petraeus has also sounded the alarm saying that the tables have turned in the Ukraine war, and the Russian President, who is disturbed by this, may take drastic decisions.

destroy the Russian military

‘Russian President Vladimir Putin has captured four regions of Ukraine and announced annexing the regions into the Russian Federation. The Russian Parliament has also approved this decision. At the same time, the Ukrainian army has attacked Russia, and the Russian army is withdrawing from some parts of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelensky has, at this time, better prepared his country against Russian aggression. Ukraine’s president has overtaken Russia in military operations and short-term military training by launching military enrolment,’ Former CIA chief David Petraeus said. Because of this, Russia had to retreat before the Ukrainian army, Petraeus claimed on a US news channel.

‘This has upset Russian President Putin, and he is directly threatening nuclear war. His threats need to be taken very seriously. If President Putin launches a nuclear attack on Ukraine, the US will not sit back without retaliating. The US and NATO will destroy the Russian army together,’ Petraeus warned. David Petraeus has made Russia aware of the consequences by saying, ‘Although Ukraine is not a member of NATO, a nuclear attack on Ukraine would have adverse effects on European countries, which are its members. Thus, the US and NATO will have full authority to respond to Russia in such a situation.’

Earlier, Russian President Putin had warned that an attack on Russian territory could be retaliated with a nuclear attack. ‘In particular, four regions that were cut off from Ukraine are now part of the Russian Federation, and any attack on them would be considered an attack on Russia. Russia could thereby launch a nuclear attack to secure its territory,’ President Putin had declared. Some US newspapers then claimed that the US had sent a secret warning against a nuclear attack on Russia. But the details were not disclosed. Now, Russia is being openly threatened with a nuclear attack by David Petraeus, a former CIA Director. The US seems to have a plan to reassure European countries by encouraging Ukraine.

There are significant differences in US internal political circles and among NATO member states over Ukraine’s participation in NATO. Blaming the European countries for not providing the expected support to Ukraine, the US has increased the pressure on the European countries for it. Additionally, the threats of nuclear war from Russia are increasing the anxiety of European countries. There has been a reaction against this from NATO member countries like Germany. Germany’s defence minister has said that Ukraine’s war should not escalate to other countries. In such a situation, the US seems to be adopting a more aggressive stance against Russia’s threat of a nuclear attack. This matter has only added to the concerns of European countries.

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