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Monstrous Chinese ambition and militarisation similar to Nazi Germany in Second World War, warns prominent Australian lawmaker, Andrew Hastie

Canberra: “The West once believed that economic liberalisation would naturally lead to democratisation in China. It would keep us safe, just as the French believed their series of steel and concrete forts would guard them against the German advance in 1940. But their thinking failed catastrophically. Like the French never comprehended German blitzkrieg, Australia has failed to see how mobile our authoritarian neighbour has become,” Andrew Hastie, the Australian parliamentarian issued a sensational warning about the monstrous Chinese ambition.

Chinese ambition, militarisation , Andrew Hastie, Nazi Germany, Australian Parliament, challenged Chinese communist policies, China, Australia, Sam Fairall-LeeSince the last few years, Australia has been taking an open stand against Chinese ambitions. It appears that former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, as well as the current Prime Minister Scott Morrison, have challenged the Chinese communist policies, defying pressure from China. Therefore, infuriated China is attempting to trap Australia with trade and economic issues. Reportedly, China has been intruding into many sectors in Australia and various study groups, analysts, experts as well as parliamentarians have started raising their voice against it.

A member of the ruling party, Andrew Hastie, is also the head of the ‘Intelligence and Security Committee’ in the Australian Parliament. An article written by him in a leading Australian daily has drawn attention to the monstrous Chinese ambitions and the militarisation of the Indo-Pacific region. Further, Hastie claimed that the intellectuals and thinkers in Australia have failed, thereby weakening the systems and agencies in the country. He also issued a stern warning that if Australia does not stand firm against the Chinese ambition, it will lose its independence and sovereignty.

While comparing the monstrous Chinese ambition to Nazi Germany, the Australian lawmaker highlighted the prominent role that ‘ideology’ has been playing in China’s action. Moreover, Hastie claimed that western countries have ignored the ideology behind the Chinese policies. At the same time, terming the current time to be a decisive phase in Australian history, he remarkedly said that the next decade would test the country’s democratic values, economy, and security.

Nevertheless, the Chinese embassy condemned the comments made by Australian lawmaker Andrew Hastie, citing the ‘Chinese threat’ dubbing it “the representation of Cold War mentality.” “While the world progresses towards peace, cooperation and development, the thoughts laid down by Hastie go against them and could affect the China-Australia ties,” warned the statement issued by the embassy. Further, it said, “History has proven and will continue to prove that China’s peaceful development is an opportunity, not a threat to the world.”

Only last month, a senior Australian analyst Sam Fairall-Lee had forewarned that if Australia makes the mistake of being strategically reliant on the benevolence of an expansionist dictatorship like China, the threat to Australia will grow exponentially.

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