Two Russian fighter jets & helicopters shot down in Ukraine attack

– as it happened in Bryansk

Two Russian fighter jets & helicopters shot down in Ukraine attack

Kyiv/Moscow: It was revealed that the Ukrainian Army, which has been carrying out drone attacks on Russian territory for the past few weeks, has intensified its attacks. On Saturday, the Ukrainian Army shot down two Russian fighter jets and two military helicopters in an attack in the Bryansk region. According to a Russian daily, these planes and helicopters, which are part of the Russian Air Force unit, were going on a mission to attack Ukraine’s Chernihiv region. It is the first time that Ukraine has shot down Russian planes and helicopters within Russian territory.

fighter jetsJust last week, the head of Russia’s “Wagner Group” and some Ukrainian officials had claimed that Ukraine’s “Spring Counteroffensive” had begun. Ukraine’s growing drone strikes against Russia and last week’s intense attacks on Russian fronts in Donbas and Bakhmut are said to be part of its counteroffensive. Since early May, Ukraine has launched at least three major drone strikes against Russia, targeting Crimea, Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk regions.

Following these drone strikes, the media reported that the Ukrainian Army had launched major attacks in Bakhmut and some key areas of Donbas, dealing a blow to Russia’s defences. Russia’s Defence Ministry denied it, saying that the Russian Army had changed its deployment in some places for restructuring. Meanwhile, foreign analysts and organizations claimed that Russia is being dealt a blow as Ukraine has started using new weapons and systems. Saturday’s attack on a Russian Air Force unit confirms these claims.

fighter jetsAccording to a report by the Russian daily Kommersant, a raiding party had been sent by the Russian Air Force to attack Ukraine. This unit included SU-34 Bomber, SU-35 and two MI-8 helicopters. Missile and bomb attacks were to be carried out in the Chernihiv area by Russian fighter jets. But before they could launch attacks, both planes and helicopters were blown up in the Bryansk region on the Russia-Ukraine border, the Russian daily claimed.

Either side has given no concrete information about how the Russian planes and helicopters were downed. However, claims have been made on Ukraine’s social media that US-provided ‘Patriot’ or ‘AMRAAM’ missiles have been used. Although Mikhail Podolyak, special adviser to the Ukrainian President, has confirmed the reports of the Russian planes and helicopters being downed, he has refrained from providing information on whether Ukraine shot them down. It has come to light that Russia has carried out drone attacks in the western Ukrainian region while Ukraine is carrying out attacks on Russian territory.

Russia carried out more than 20 drone strikes in the Khmelnytskyi region in western Ukraine. The attacks are said to have targeted a weapons depot in Ukraine. Ukrainian media also reported casualties in the attack.

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