China augments the scope of war exercises in Taiwan Strait

China augments the scope of war exercises in Taiwan Strait
  • War exercises to sink submarines has started   
  • Taiwan puts the military on high alert  

Beijing – China had started war exercises in Taiwan Strait to protest US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. This exercise of the Chinese army was completed on Sunday. But China announced to continue its war exercises for four more days. Taiwan had alleged that the previous exercise was against them. Besides, China’s extended war exercise has claimed to have warned the US, which patrols the area.  

Taiwan StraitLast week, Speaker Pelosi visited Taiwan. After this, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced war exercises surrounding Taiwan in the next few hours. Moreover, there were reports that Chinese missiles crossed Taiwan’s airspace and collapsed into the eastern sea region. In this exercise, information surfaced that China had fired as many as 11 Dongfeng missiles toward Taiwan. It was also reported that more than 150 Chinese fighter jets and bombers travelled close to Taiwan’s airspace. Taiwan had accused that the Chinese exercise was a warning to Taiwan and practice for an attack on Taiwan.  

Moreover, the exercise started surrounding Taiwan and was completed on Sunday afternoon. China itself had announced this. But within the next few hours, China began the practice of practical joint exercise in sea and airspace. Under this, missile strikes, fighter jets and the targeting of submarines and destroyers in the Taiwan Strait will be practised. The media has claimed that this exercise by China was to warn US submarines and warships travelling through the Taiwan Strait and the Indo-Pacific region. European media have claimed that China has decided to move this exercise forward till Taiwan’s maritime boundary.  

Taiwan StraitMoreover, Taiwan has strongly criticised China’s new military exercise. Taiwan alleged that China’s war exercises have increased tensions in the region and threatened the security of countries in the area. Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong also strongly criticised China over this. Foreign Minister Wong alleged that China should not justify its role in escalating regional tensions by putting forth the reason for Pelosi’s visit. Also, Wong appealed that China should take the initiative to reduce this tension.  

Meanwhile, analysts in France have warned that China’s war exercise would attain the peak of a new series of crises. French analysts have warned that China is adding to the tension by ignoring calls from the international community to reduce tensions. But China seems to be giving the most importance to its power display, ignoring this criticism. Some analysts draw attention to the fact that this matter is connected to the internal politics of the Chinese regime. 

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